Chenbro launches innovative RM25324 high density storage server chassis to meet diverse data needs

Jewel Chen, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Chenbro RM25324 high-density storage server chassis. Credit: Chenbro

As enterprises continue to digitize at an even faster pace, global data is also on a slope of substantial growth. According to research from IDC, the total global amount of data will climb to 175ZB by 2025, far exceeding the total of 33ZB in 2018. Given the increasing demand from enterprises for massive data storage, Chenbro Micom launched the RM25324 high-density storage server chassis. In its just 2U height, it supports installation of up to 24 3.5" SATA/SAS interface hard disk drives.

Considering the application requirements of various industries, RM25324 can also use in combination with other control modules. It supports the installation of 48 2.5" SATA/SAS hard disk drives or NVME flash memory drives. The backside of the chassis also supports the installation of two 2.5" SATA hard drives as an optional package, and it is optimized for warm and cold data tiering. In other words, the usage model of this product is very flexible and diversified, meaning that it can meet various applications, such as cold and hot data storage, security monitoring, NVR/DVR, data warehousing, database, file servers, among others.

To create a more convenient user environment, Chenbro has added many exclusive patented designs to the RM25324 high-density storage server chassis: First, to facilitate maintenance by IT personnel, a large number of its products adopt a tool-less maintenance design, such as tool-less slide rail kits and hard disk drive brackets. Second, the chassis adopts a side load design on both sides. When paired with the original manufacturer exclusive slide rails, only about 50% of the server needs to be pulled out of the chassis to install or replace a hard disk drive. Traditional 2U storage servers, in comparison, mainly adopt a flip-up design and must be completely removed from the chassis to replace or add hard drives. The RM25324 high-density storage server chassis obviously takes the user environment and operation into consideration. Restrictions, obviously very convenient in maintenance.

In addition, to ensure the reliability and convenience of the side load design of the chassis, the Chenbro design team endeavored to find the best pull-out angle and worked to improve the heat dissipation performance and durability and longevity of the load. Not only does RM25324 installed six 6-cm high-speed hot-swappable cooling fans in high-density storage server chassis but the suspension design can effectively reduce impact from fan vibration and smoothly introduce cool air from the data center at the front, effectively reducing the temperature of the internal electronic components in the chassis and thereby ensuring that the equipment can maintain stable operation.

In terms of other specifications, the RM25324 high-density storage server chassis supports standard ATX motherboards and supports seven low-profile PCI slots, making it convenient for enterprise users to install a network or other expansion cards. As for the power supply, two 800W 80+, Platinum power supplies that support mutual backup use to maintain high energy conversion efficiency while reducing overall energy consumption.

With the rapid increase in the data value, enterprises are paying more attention to data storage and analysis by the day. The RM25324 high-density storage server chassis can support a variety of hard disk specifications, making it the first choice on the market for mechanical design and convenient maintenance. Naturally, it is currently the optimal choice for building a large-capacity storage environment.