DataVan launches DataVan Central for endpoint management

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DataVan, the world-renowned POS terminal provider, announced the launch of DataVan Central, an UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solution connecting multiple DataVan devices through cloud to monitor real-time device status. This efficient remote management solution is believed to reduce update and maintenance costs for administrator. Meanwhile DataVan also released a short video to introduce DataVan Central on DataVan's Youtube channel (

"DataVan Central is a powerful IoT platform synchronously connecting numerous DataVan Devices, including POS, KIOSK, Box PC, and Panel PC, to provide real-time device status and alarm notification," said Crystal Chan, Sales Director at DataVan. "DataVan Central is helpful to reduce manpower and business travel cost through remote update and repair instead of on-site maintenance. In addition, it offers higher safety and reliability for endpoint device management due to contactless management."

Chan also indicates that DataVan Central can demonstrate real-time device efficiency with data visualization showing on the built-in dashboard. These concise charts are advantageous to monitor device health and arrange device management ahead to keep devices at their best.

Powerful and convenient DataVan Central is currently a free optional for clients who purchase DataVan's operating system, and it can be directly installed in operating system before shipping. "The pandemic really impacted our business environment. Therefore, DataVan would like to support our clients to together face this challenge," said Kris Hsu, General Manager at DataVan. "DataVan Central, as an ideal solution to endpoint management, can help clients concentrate on core marketing and business strategies, which is beneficial for business opportunity, industrial transformation, and innovation."

Please visit DataVan official website to explore more DataVan Central features.

DataVan Central platform

DataVan Central platform