GIGAIPC addressing industrial solutions solving smart manufacturing impacts to transform and develop the ability for the future

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As a growing number of image sensors, radar devices and video cameras, a massive amount of streaming data is being generated over the networks, manufacturers and corporations are relying on the industrial control equipment more than ever. Analyzing this data to create insights in ways can monitor the health of critical systems, streamline processes, and improve profitability. The current mainstream industrial practice such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) or various smart embedded systems leverage the benefits of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies.

After years of development, a robust embedded market is emerging, with deployment activity across many sectors globally. The embedded systems take advantage of the global ecosystem, which benefits from high volume, standardized technology and well established suppliers able to design and deploy solutions. The scale economics and interoperability benefits of global industrial standards also apply to sector-specific equipment, and well-developed supply chains and established best practices are now in place in many sectors. For example, devices such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robot (AMR), safety equipment, and so on are now available with many Industrial PC solutions in recent years.

With this trend, the global Industrial PC manufacturers accelerate the digital transformation for manufacturing industries around the world. GIGAIPC, an embedded systems provider and award-winning Taiwan-based manufacturing facility with decades of experience in board-level and system-level products for 5G, IoT, machine vision, industrial automation, smart transportation and healthcare, is launching a market event to address how the imaging control systems designed and deployed by enterprises to optimize processes.

This white paper download event particularly suited to industrial users with requirements for reliable performance. It discusses how these smart solutions meet the needs of demanding industrial applications and can contribute to process automation across a range of sectors – from smart factories and warehouses, to railways, airports, or seaports, to oil & gas production, to chemical plants, to energy generation and distribution, and more.

The white paper investigates key issues in imaging requirements, including how organizations can deploy and operate the technology, the integration of the various subsystems in an industrial control system, and the importance of communication ports which can provide power while receiving and sending imaging data.

Meanwhile, through Internet of Things technologies combined with artificial intelligence and edge computing solutions to deploy smarter, safer and more efficient systems with innovative embedded systems enabling smarter services for manufacturing industries. Talking to gain network control, for example, to apply configurations that are not supported in a public network. Security and data privacy are also important. The ability to retain sensitive operational data on-premises is crucial to high tech industrial companies.

On the other hand, the requirements of compact-size, fan-less operation, low power consumption and versatile I/O solutions are aiming to fulfill the needs of customers who are used to using commercial off-the-shelf products but require expansion. GIGAIPC offers the lightweight and with a thickness of only 30mm, targeting slim-design equipment, such as Panel PC, HMI and other devices and the feature of low latency meets the need for real-time operations of industrial control equipment.

For the construction machines, or a heavy industrial machine such as heavy-duty equipment markets, more manufacturers are now integrating embedded systems as standard on their machines. Due to the many benefits with the limited operating space for machines, the embedded systems to control, collect and transmit, equipment owners can monitor where their machines are located, how they are working and if there are impending maintenance issues.

To tackle those smart manufacturing systems or industrial control equipment of the future, GIGAIPC, has expanded on a proven track record of delivering variety of computing specifications as options for different use cases and a strong collaborative history in emerging technology areas.

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