Coretronic MEMS launches Jupiter to realize preventive and predictive maintenance

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Coretronic MEMS

Coretronic Corporation subsidiary - Coretronic MEMS Corporation (CMC) released a new Jupiter industrial equipment monitoring solution at 2020 SEMICON Taiwan Exhibition. The vibration sensor of this solution is developed by MEMS thin-film piezoelectric technology and has the advantages of small size, instrument-level precision, and anti-interference to temperature/stress. Combined with edge computing and AI algorithm, Jupiter solution can provide the early warning and predictive maintenance task of the production line.

Vibration signal is an early index of equipment health diagnosis which can detect early abnormalities of equipment. But it is not easy to acquire vibration signals of equipment health status. First, the sensor must be able to detect tiny changes of equipment status and be close to the vibration source. Moreover, the traditional monitoring approaches require complicated steps included of installation of sensors, deployment of PC, development of upper and lower limit indicators and AI modeling.

The false alarms often occur due to variation of equipment conditions. These deployment challenges happen in the industrial predictive diagnostic applications frequently. The Jupiter of CMC is an unprecedented solution because of small size, flexible installation, and effective vibration sensing. Especially, the AI ​​training of Jupiter solutions is performed by edge computing. The deployment can be accomplished within a few hours and doesn't require PC or uploading confidential information to the cloud. Users can execute predictive diagnosis on the device side directly and provide health index trend of equipment. Jupiter can providing the real-time status of the equipment, early warning, predicting the machine Longevity, reduction of the down-time, and saving maintenance cost. This solution can be applied to vibration detection such as pumps, motor, robot in the semiconductor industry.

Coretronic MEMS Corporation launches

Coretronic MEMS Corporation's Jupiter industrial equipment monitoring solution
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