Highlights of the day: TSMC to start making Apple Silicon in 4Q20


Apple is gearing up for the launch of its new-generation MacBook and iPad Pro series powered by its own Arm-based processors, which will be fabricated using TSMC's 5nm process technology. TSMC is expected to start making Apple Silicon in fourth-quarter 2020. Apple's growing adopting of SiP technology is settng a trend that many in the semiconductor sector are keen to follow. And leading backend services providers expect sales from their SiP businesses to climb about 30% in 2020.

Apple to increase 5nm wafer starts at TSMC in 4Q20: Apple will kick off its 5nm wafer starts at TSMC for its new Apple Silicon processors starting the fourth quarter of 2020, with monthly output estimated at 5,000-6,000 wafers, according to industry sources.

Suppliers gearing up for SiP demand boom: TSMC, ASE Technology, IC substrate makers including Unimicron Technology as well as international materials and equipment suppliers are all gearing up for the SiP (system-in-package) boom fueled by Apple's growing adoption of the technology in its devices, according to industry sources.

OSAT providers to enjoy impressive SiP sales growth in 2020: Leading OSAT providers, such as ASE Technology, are expected to see revenues generated from their SiP businesses climb about 30% in 2020, driven by demand for 5G, AI and HPC device applications, according to industry sources.