Digital transformation needs more than just IT

Chloe Liao, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

While IT staff play a crucial role in enterprises' digital transformation, decision makers who use data to optimize operations are key to the success of digital transformation, according to Wu Mei-feng, an industry consultant at i-Torch Technology.

Digital transformation is not merely about introducing IT into work, but involves modification in internal operational process and even changes in business model, Wu said at a recent event organized by Digitimes.

Responsible for operating and maintaining IT systems, IT staff are actually an auxiliary tool in enterprises' digital transformation because they cannot define the criteria for use of data, Wu noted. For example, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) consists of many aspects including operation of production capacity and defect rate control, and for data collection it is necessary to define the criteria for abnormal and reliable conditions, Wu indicated.

The definition hinges on operational executives' know-how and is essential to meaningful and valuable data collection during digital transformation, Wu said. Many enterprises wrongly believe digital transformation can be attained through IT staff introducing analytical tools or systems to upgrade internal IT systems, Wu added.

Reliability of collected data is crucial, Wu noted, adding more standardized operational processes lead to fewer human errors and result in more reliability of collected data.