Highlights of the day: HiSilicon engineers abandon ship


The mounting US trade sanctions are driving HiSilicon to the brink, and many engineers have left the Huawei IC design arm's team in Taiwan. Huawei, struggling to survive the US trade ban, reportedly is looking to build its own 45nm chip fabs without using US technology, a move industry observers describe as "mission impossible." But in the device manufacturing sector, Chinese makers, reportedly with strong support from Apple, is fast expanding their presence in the US tech giant's ecosystem, the latest being Lens Technology's planned acquisition of smartphone chassis plants in China from Taiwan-based Catcher Technology.

HiSilicon team in Taiwan shrinking: Huawei's chipmaking subsidiary HiSilicon has seen many of its staff in Taiwan leaving amid increasingly tough trade sanctions from the US on the Chinese tech group, according to industry sources.

Huawei reportedly looking to build 45nm chip fabrication lines without US tech: China's Huawei reportedly is looking to build its own 45nm chip fabrication lines without US technology this year, which industry sources believe is "mission impossible."

Catcher to sell smartphone chassis plants to Chinese firm: Catcher Technology has announced it plans to sell two of its smartphone chassis plants and related facilities in China to Lens Technology, a Chinese firm which is reportedly a cover glass supplier for iPhone devices.