Making strongest reliable signal connectivity for IPTV application in IoV

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The mobile vehicles are required high-speed bandwidth and better network coverage for streaming media services in wireless IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) application, however this situation is hard to achieve through IP-based wireless networks, specifically for recreational vehicles (RVs), trucks, and fleets. Proscend's 4G LTE WiFi Cellular Router M330-W has been applied into IPTV solutions in European cities for RVs to enable sufficient bandwidth and to improve better network coverage.

The IPTV digital multimedia box through WiFi signal is built inside in the RVs, which made of metal to cause shielding problem and weak signal, because a wireless signal is not easily pass through metal. Moreover, the installation space is strictly limit because many devices are integrated together in a space, including a cellular router, an IPTV digital multimedia player, and a TV display screen. Therefore, designed for ultra-compact and cost-effective features, Proscend's Compact Industrial Cellular Router M330-W is adopted by the customers and integrated with their IPTV digital multimedia box to get stable signal and reliable bandwidth for RVs.

Stable Signal

Proscend's Compact Industrial Cellular Router M330-W is connected with the customized 5-in-1 outdoor magnetic mount roof-top antenna to receive LTE, WiFi, and GPS for combining multiple functions, like playing video streaming over Cellular/WiFi, and guiding the route via GPS simultaneously as well as enhancing more stable signal and better sensitivity. The Cellular Router M330-W can be also connected your digital multimedia box via a RJ45 Ethernet cable for backup support.

Reliable Bandwidth

The Compact Industrial Cellular Router M330-W supports LTE cellular technology, WiFi wireless connection and Ethernet network to make multiple Internet connections for combined high-quality speed and reliability. With long-distance wireless connectivity and secure VPN tunnels, the Cellular Router M330-W ensures dependable communications and improves the whole RV Internet experience to give you secure, fast and reliable connections.

Affordable Device

The Compact Industrial Cellular Router M330-W with slim size and lightweight design meets tiny space and easy installation. Compared to expensive satellite TV devices, the Cellular Router M330-W provides competitive price-to-performance ratios to integrate with the IPTV digital multimedia box flexibly and save your cost.

Proscend's Cellular Router M330-W

Proscend's Cellular Router M330-W with an outdoor 5-in-1 antenna enhances stable signal in IPTV application for RVs

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