Highlights of the day: Networking chip prices may rise in 2H20


The coronavirus pandemic has fueled demand for a number of devices, including notebooks, to support stay-at-home activities, with chip vendors expect shipments to these segments to remain strong till October. Networking ASICs will likely see prices rising in the second half of 2020. And the growing requirements for connectivity in support of remote work and study has also spurred the forming of a Wi-Fi 6 ecosystem. Meanwhile, volume production of Apple's upcoming iPhones are said to start in July-August.

Demand for networking, notebook, healthcare chips to stay strong till October: Pandemic-triggered robust demand for networking chips, notebook chip solutions, healthcare sensors and MCUs is expected to last into October, with networking ASICs, in particular, likely to see price hikes in the second half of the year, according to industry sources.

Wi-Fi 6 ecosystem fast taking shape: As network connectivity is growingly necceary for users of notebooks and other electronics devices in their remote work and learning activities, a new ecosystem associated with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology is taking shape fast, with chipmakers rolling out diverse chips solutions and system makers incorporating them into a variety of terminal consumer electronics, according to industry sources.

Volume production of new mainstream iPhone models to start in 3Q20, say sources: Although the planned launch of Apple's 2020 iPhone lineup, reportedly to come in four models and three sizes, is likely to be in October instead of September, volume production of the mainstream 6.1-inch models are expected to kick off in July-August, according to sources familiar with the matter.