StorArt announces LDPC + AI eMMC controller that enables next-generation mobile devices

Press release

StorArt Technology, a leading NAND flash controller solution provider, has launched a new eMMC5.1 controller, SA3635, supporting HS400 interface for all mainstream NAND flash in the market.

StorArt's SA3600 series, SA3625/SA3635, are eMMC5.1 controllers tailored for embedded-NAND applications with the interface speed up to 400MB/s (HS400). They not only fully complies with JEDEC eMMC 5.1 spec, but also are backward compatible with legacy ones (eMMC4.3 to eMMC5.01).

High-performance and low-power are achieved by adopting a powerful 32-bit CPU, patented architecture (LDPC + AI), proprietary hardwired ECC engine, dynamic power management and advanced process technology, making it suitable for portable applications like smartphones, tablets, e-books, GPS, gaming consoles and other embedded systems.

StorArt's eMMC controller SA3600 series are also meant for OTT, education tablets, smart TVs/STB, and other embedded eMMC/eMCP electronic devices. SA3600 series supports bus speed modes Default Speed/HS-SDR/HS-DDR/HS200/HS400. StorArt's new AI + LDPC technology secures NAND endurance and reliability; excellent sudden power-off recovery to ensure data integrity; low power consumption, high compatibility; and outstanding wear-leveling algorithm that extends NAND flash life time.

StorArt eMMC controller SA3600 series

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