Ganzin eye tracking solutions can be paired with AR, VR

Mark Tsai, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia

Taiwan startup Ganzin Technology is showcasing at CES 2019 its newly developed Aurora eye tracking modules that can be paired with VR and AR for diverse applications, according to the firm's chief operating officer JY Chueh.

Ganzin is among 40 tech startups coming from Taiwan to demonstrate their new tech prowess in the Taiwan Tech Arena at Eureka Park CES 2019.

Chueh said that the firm's eye tracking solution can be well applied to help sales staff at shopping malls locate product racks most attracting consumers, as long as they wear VR or AR glasses. This way, they can adjust rack rentals quarter by quarter and arrange creative product portfolios to better attract customers.

Chueh continued that through integration of hardware and software, Ganzin's cost-effective eye tracking modules boasts long battery duration, light weight and slim size, and can fast integrate with AR and VR devices now available on the market.

Ganzin is slated to volume produce Aurora eye tracking solutions in August 2019, including SoCs and application programming interfaces (API).