Digitimes Research: Shipments of Oculus Rift CV1 delayed on shortage of lenses

AL Huang, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Shipments of Oculus' first virtual reality (VR) device, the Rift CV1, will be delayed to August due to a shortage of parts. While Oculus is reluctant to reveal which components are in short supply, Digitimes Research's sources indicate that there is a shortage of its customized Fresnel lenses.

Additionally, digital games running on the Rift have been cracked. Impeded by both hardware and software issues, the Rift CV1 may find it difficult to compete with the HTC Vive for the title of the best-selling HMD (head-mounted display) VR device in 2016.

Sophisticated optical design for the lenses and an unsmooth manufacturing process at a new supplier have resulted in a low yield rate of Fresnel lenses, affecting shipments of the Rift. The issue is unlikely to be solved promptly as the optical features, display and chassis of the VR device may have to be re-designed, Digitimes Research commented.

While the optical designs, including the use of AMOLED panels and Fresnel lenses, for the Vive and the Rift are comparable, HTC has managed to maintain a smooth and sufficient supply of parts and components at its supply chain, optimizing its expertise gained from the manufacture of smartphones, said the sources.

The shipment ratio of the Rift CV 1 and HTC Vive in the global PC market in 2016 is expected to stand at 3:7, and the situation could turn worse for Oculus if it fails to address the supply issue fast enough, Digitimes Research believes.

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