Digitimes Research: Price wars for Ultra HD TVs spurring in 2015

Tom Lo, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei

In a push to make Ultra HD TVs more prevalent in the market, TV vendors are aiming to push lower-priced solutions, which is starting to spur intensified price competition among vendors and related supply chains, according to Digitimes Research.

Lower-priced 60Hz Ultra HD TVs were a major focus for vendors at CES 2015 while Full HD TVs were hardly mentioned, showing that vendors are increasingly focused on promoting Ultra HD going into 2015, which is expected to push down shipments of 120Hz Full HD TVs.

Additionally, vendors are pushing forth with more integrated smart TV platforms that include Android TV. Major TV vendors such as Sony and Sharp have already begun to further integrate Android into their TVs while Samsung Electronics is expanding its Tizen services and LG Electronics its webOS platform.

Opera TV is also furthering its way into the market and content streaming through platforms such as Netflix and Amazon will be an increasingly larger focus for vendors in upcoming years, added Digitimes Research.