Wearable Devices and Applications Leading Technological Advancements and Cloud Services

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Ever since tech firms started introducing wearable devices - such as the Google Glass, Samsung's and Sony's smart bands and smart watches, and Intel's smart clothing - wearable devices and applications have been identified as an important next-generation technological trend. The tech giants' strategies for the wearables market are also becoming clear.

Digitimes and the Taipei Computer Association recently co-organized the "Wearable Technology Summit" to help Taiwan better understand this trend and to help its IT and textile firms seize the opportunities of a new market where they can demonstrate their creativity. Experts from HWTrek, Dialog, Immersion, Qualcomm, Imagination Technologies, Jorjin, Macronix, InteraXon and the Taiwan Textile Research Institute talked about core technologies concerning computing, power consumption, monitoring, wireless connectivity and embedded memory that are needed for wearable devices. There was also a talk on the development of conductive fabric in the textile industry.

DTF 2014 Wearable Technology Summit

DTF 2014 Wearable Technology Summit