Computex Taipei 2014
Exhibitors showcase latest products and technologies at Computex 2014 at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taiwan from Jun 3-7.
Tuesday 15 July 2014
Core technology of wearable devices
The wearable devices currently in the market seem to fall into two categories: they either come with long battery life but simple features, or short battery life with comprehensive...
Friday 4 July 2014
Using brainwaves to control technology through wearables
Wearable technology can not only be applied to sensory and gesture control, voice recognition, augmented reality, health monitoring, biometrics, and infotainment, but vendors today...
Thursday 3 July 2014
Module-based glasses, design & applications
Should wearable devices adopt an integration-based design or module-based design? Take smart glass for example, where increased functions increase the mass and weight of the product,...
Thursday 3 July 2014
Recipe for a successful wearable device
Wearable devices are a kind of natural extension of mobile devices in a world where we are connected to one another through smartphones and clouds, forming a futuristic lifestyle...
Thursday 3 July 2014
Realistic tactile experiences for intuitive wearable devices
Popular social networking sites enable friends to maintain closer communication. Live feeds of an event can be sent to friends through video sharing so that the receivers can feel...
Thursday 3 July 2014
Wearable Devices and Applications Leading Technological Advancements and Cloud Services
Ever since tech firms started introducing wearable devices - such as the Google Glass, Samsung's and Sony's smart bands and smart watches, and Intel's smart clothing - wearable devices...
Wednesday 2 July 2014
Your mobile everything ... on the big screen
People are now able to easily project their presentation slides, video streams, gaming scenes and other images from their smartphones/tablets onto a big-screen Ultra HD LCD TV and...
Monday 30 June 2014
Notebooks and tablets declining; wearable devices and IoT driving mobile industry in 2014
Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, the industry has clearly moved toward the direction of mobile Internet. Shipments of tablets have exceeded those of notebooks, but the tablet...
Friday 27 June 2014
Unifying mobile interfaces: The prospects of USB technology
USB 3.0 provides 5Gbps of data throughput, which is 10x faster than USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 provides additional power for charging mobile devices. It has been rapidly adopted into all...
Friday 27 June 2014
Integration with cloud and mobile technologies: The next step for the security and surveillance industry
The video surveillance industry, which is closely tied to security in our everyday lives, is currently undergoing a transition from traditional analog CCTV to digital IP camera technologies...
Thursday 26 June 2014
Welcome the endless possibilities of wireless applications for connected homes in the future
People's living environments have changed from the ancient caves to the buildings, mansions, and skyscrapers along with the evolution of the technological civilization. Homes are...
Thursday 26 June 2014
Creating a smart lifestyle through a vision of smart life
Marvell Semiconductor who started up in hard drive controller has actively expanded its procut porfolio of storage devices, networking and communications, connectivity, mobile communications...
Thursday 26 June 2014
Mobile immediacy and immediate mobile: The latest trends in mobile device technology and market changes
From the Xiaomi tablet running on NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor to Asus' 5-in-1 Transformer notebook, a new mobile device specification war is raging. The various new technologies, such...
Friday 20 June 2014
New Corning glass looks to reduce bacteria growth on touchscreens
The proliferation of touch-enabled devices has been accompanied by a growing awareness of bacteria growth on such devices among consumers and IT industry players.
Monday 16 June 2014
AAEON Releases FWS-2250, Ultra Compact Fanless Desktop Network Appliance at Computex
AAEON, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, has released the world's smallest network appliance, the FWS-2250.