Four Macronix Papers Selected for 2012 Symposium on VLSI Technology -- the Highest Number among All Taiwan Companies

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The IEEE Symposia on VLSI Technology & Circuits will be held in Hawaii, USA from June 12-15. Four Macronix papers have been selected for presentation at the Symposium on VLSI Technology, the most among all Taiwan-based companies. And of the 20-strong memory-related papers selected, Macronix also ranked number one among all participants. Especially, Macronix's papers cover the most advanced research topics including 3D NAND Flash, ReRAM, and phase change memory, showing the Company's comprehensive grasp of key technologies for next-generation memories.

In addition, on the opening night of June 12, the VLSI Symposia will hold a Joint Rump Session on "Scaling Challenges Beyond 1xnm DRAM and NAND Flash." Macronix President Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu, who recently received the IEEE Frederik Philips Award, was invited to join the session in a discussion with global leading memory companies of Micron, Rambus, Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba on the challenges from and feasible solutions to migrating DRAM and NAND Flash to below 10nm.

Since 2006, Macronix has presented its research papers every year at the VLSI Symposia. This year, the four Macronix papers to be presented during the event are: "A Highly Pitch Scalable 3D Vertical Gate (VG) NAND Flash Decoded by a Novel Self-Aligned Independently Controlled Double Gate (IDG) String Select Transistor (SSL)"; "Multi-Layer Sidewall WOx Resistive Memory Suitable for 3D ReRAM"; "A Novel Cross Point One-Resistor (0T1R) Conductive Bridge Random Access Memory (CBRAM) with Ultra Low Set/Reset Operation Current" and "A Simple New Write Scheme for Low Latency Operation of Phase Change Memory."

The VLSI Symposia is seen as a window on the latest IC technology processes, and is closely related to the IC industry's future development. More than 600 papers were submitted to the VLSI Symposia this year. Of the 209 papers submitted for VLSI Technology, 79 papers have been selected for presentation, and eight of them come from Taiwan – four from Macronix, two from TSMC, one from National Chiao Tung University and one from National Nano Device Laboratories. As for VLSI Circuits, 97 papers have been selected from more than 400 submitted. Among the 15 papers selected from Taiwan, four are from MediaTek, two from TSMC, four from National Taiwan University, three from National Chiao Tung University, and two from National Tsing Hua University.

Macronix has been outstanding in participating in important international academic symposia. For the annual IEDM (IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting) over the past five years, Macronix has presented five papers each year on average. In 2011, Macronix presented the most papers of all Taiwan firms. Macronix's fruitful R&D results on advanced memory products have won wide recognitions internationally. Therefore some members of Macronix's R&D team have been invited to join IEDM committees for screening papers. This year, Macronix's R&D staff was invited to serve as the committee member for the VLSI Symposia.

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