E Ink announces color e-paper

Press release, November 10; Yvonne Yu, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Makuhari Messe, Japan (FPD International 2010) - November 10, 2010 - E Ink Holding (EIH), the leader in electronic paper display technology, today announced the release of its next generation display technology, E Ink Triton. Triton enables color e-paper solutions, enhancing the visual experience for e-publishing markets.

"E Ink Triton marks a major milestone in the e-book revolution," said Hanvon's chairman Liu Yingjian. "E Ink has the right technology, manufacturing capability, and know-how to transition Hanvon's product vision into reality. With E Ink Triton technology, Hanvon is enabled to release the world's first color e-book reader today."

"E Ink Triton is a response to market need for a color e-paper display that mimics the printed paper experience," said Scott Liu, chairman of E Ink Holding. "Triton will compliment our monochrome product line to enable new markets."

"Color e-paper will enable richer content in e-books, as well as enabling a broader array of other reading devices, for content such as magazines, newspapers, and educational materials" according to Paul Semenza, senior VP of DisplaySearch. "We foresee market demand for e-paper displays in these applications reaching US$5 billion by 2016.

Enhanced with color

For image-rich information applications showing charts, graphs, maps, photos, comics and advertising, color displays made with Triton Imaging Film enable ultra low power and high mobility devices with a paper-like experience. In addition to 16 levels of grayscale, Triton is capable of displaying thousands of color. And just like E Ink's grayscale e-paper products, Triton's crisp text and detailed color graphics are fully viewable in direct sunlight.

Faster performance

Displays made with Triton, as well as the recently launched Pearl, can perform up to 20% faster than those made with previous generation of E Ink Imaging Film. Whether turning a page, selecting a menu, taking notes, or viewing simple animations, Triton's update performance will satisfy today's user-interface product needs. This expands the e-paper experience and display more dynamic content for signage or advertising.

Proven Technology

The E Ink Triton design leverages the patented two pigment capsule platform found in millions of E Ink enabled e-books. This technology offers unparalleled image stability; pictures and text can be maintained on the screen even when the power is turned off. With this proven bi-stable technology, devices using E Ink Imaging Film have demonstrated both long life and high reliability, leading to the development of a whole new class of consumer products over the past few years.