Monday 25 September 2023
ChLC-based e-paper camp seeking to fill Chinese market gap left by Amazon exit
As Amazon has ceased the operation of its Kindle e-book store in China, now the world's largest e-book reader consumer market, Taiwan's cholesterol liquid crystal (ChLC) e-paper display...
Tuesday 18 April 2023
EIH grows e-paper ecosystem to include BOE, MediaTek
E Ink Holdings (EIH), an e-paper solutions supplier, is actively expanding its e-paper application ecosystem to include panel vendor BOE Technology and IC design house MediaTek.
Friday 3 February 2023
EIH eyeing closer tie with Readmoo
Taiwan-based e-paper solutions provider E Ink Holdings (EIH) and its associated company Netronix are establishing partnerships with Taiwan-based Readmoo, enabling the Chinese e-book...
Wednesday 27 November 2019
Colored e-book readers to debut in 2020
End-market device vendors in Europe and China are planning to launch colored e-book readers in 2020, with prospects to eke out a portion of market share dominated by monochrome models...
Friday 22 November 2019
EIH to ship colored e-book reader solutions in 2020
E-paper solution provider E Ink Holdings (EIH) is currently undergoing design-in processes for colored e-paper solutions for the next-generation e-book readers with shipments of related...
Thursday 29 August 2019
EIH to offer colored e-book reader solutions in 2020
E Ink Holdings (EIH) has said that it plans to expand the production of colored e-paper solutions to include those for e-book readers in 2020, addition to for electronic shelf labels...
Friday 12 July 2019
Netronix expects e-paper solution demand to rise in 2H19 and 2020
Taiwan-based e-book reader maker Netronix has been keen on developing new e-paper applications including electronic baggage tags (EBTs), smart bus stop signs and smart medical care...
Friday 21 September 2018
Readmoo to launch new e-book readers with Korea RIDI
EPUB-compatible e-book reader provider Readmoo has teamed up with Korea-based e-book provider RIDI to develop new e-paper digital reading devices, according to sources at Readmoo.
Thursday 18 May 2017
Taiwan market: Readmoo offers e-book reader mooInk
Readmoo, the largest traditional Chinese e-book platform and channel in Taiwan, has announced the cooperation with e-book reader ODM Netronix and e-paper maker E Ink Holdings to offer...
Thursday 18 August 2016
E-book reader maker Netronix swings back to profitability in 2Q16
E-book reader maker Netronix has reported net profits of NT$89.41 million (US$2.84 million) for the second quarter of 2016, a significant improvement from a loss of NT$85.07 million...
Monday 4 January 2016
E-book reader maker Netronix to report revenue gains for 4Q15, says paper
Taiwan-based e-book reader maker Netronix is expected to report a 20-30% sequential growth in revenues for the fourth quarter of 2015 due to shipments to new clients in the US and...
Thursday 4 December 2014
E Ink Holdings cooperates with Kobo to provide content for e-book reader vendors
Electronic paper maker E Ink Holdings on December 3 announced an initiative to give E Ink's hardware partners the option to offer their customers access to Kobo's catalog of more...
Thursday 21 August 2014
EIH sees improved 2Q14 performance; expects growth in 3Q14
E Ink Holdings (EIH) has announced that its revenues during the second quarter of 2014 reached NT$3.82 billion (US$127.3 million), up 29% on quarter and up 31% on year. The company's...
Tuesday 18 June 2013
Netronix aims to become largest e-book reader ODM in 3 years, says paper
Taiwan-based Netronix shipped about two million e-book readers for a global market share of 10% in 2012 and aims to hike its share to 15-20% in 2013, 25-30% in 2014, and 35-40% in...
Tuesday 11 June 2013
China market: Local e-book reader vendors bracing for Amazon competition
Amazon has recently entered the China e-book market and prompted local e-book reader vendors to release new products to counter the US-based vendor's advance, according to sources...
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