Computex 2007: Corsair claims fastest DDR3

Press release, June 4; Rodney Chan, DIGITIMES Asia

Corsair has unveiled what it calls the world's fastest production DDR3 memory rated at a 1,600MHz (PC3-12,800) and the world preview of the Corsair Dominator memory running at 2,000MHz (PC3-16,000).

Live demonstration of the new Dominator memory will be on display in the Corsair VIP suite (#1334) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel during Computex Taipei 2007. The TWIN3X2048-1600C10D Dominator is the latest addition to the Corsair line of high-performance memory modules.

Also on display is the upcoming generation of DDR3 Dominators, ranging from 1GB modules running at over 2,000MHz and 2GB modules showing performance promise for 64-bit based applications. All DDR3 products have been developed to support the new Intel P35 and X38 Express platforms.

The TWIN3X2048-1600C10D Dominator will be available shortly after Computex. Both XMS3 DHX and XMS3 Classic products are currently available.

All DDR3 modules operate at lower memory voltages to deliver better performance with the same amount of power when compared to DDR2. Dynamic I/O signal termination and on-die dynamic termination (ODT) reduce the reflective signals transmitted to standby RAMs, thereby enabling support for higher memory frequencies. A larger prefetch means more data is immediately available for the processor and the differential data strobe reduces noise while accessing data, especially at higher frequencies.

As with their DDR2 counterparts, DDR3 Dominator and XMS3 DHX feature Corsair's DHX technology – a quad-layer heat sink design that optimizes memory performance and reliability by maximizing thermal dissipation. With DHX Technology, heat is removed via two paths – the leads of the BGA chips into the PCB (convective cooling) and the back of the BGA packages into the custom designed extruded aluminum heat sinks (conductive cooling).

"The enthusiast community demands solutions that push the envelope and are capable of delivering the highest level performance experience, and very fast DDR3 is the next step in delivering cutting-edge computing," said Steve R. Peterson, director of chipset and graphics marketing, Intel.