Mon, Sep 26, 2022
Wednesday 13 July 2022
Israeli OT Cybersecurity Startups (2): Siga elevates OT cybersecurity to 'Level Zero'
It is critical to have security systems in place that prevent any unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your company's system. If an attacker were able to, they could gain control over the victim's programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and all upper-level communication-based tools of the Purdue model. (For readers who are not familiar with the Purdue model, it is basically a model that helps to define the architecture of operational technologies (OT) and information technology (IT).)
Monday 11 July 2022
Saccade Vision uses MEMS-based cameras to improve measuring and quality control
As humanity marches towards a future with autonomous vehicles, technology has not ceased to make breakthroughs in other industries. Saccade Vision creates a feature-based 3D scanning technology, similar to the lidar sensors used by carmakers, for the inspection and measurement sector to improve quality control and yields.
Friday 8 July 2022
Fairy Devices puts an AI fairy on field workers' shoulders
Fairy Devices envisions a world where AI is given ears and hands and becomes a fairy to help connect humans from different countries. Its wireless AI-device Thinklet embodies the philosophy and helps shorten the geographical distance and remove the language barrier between field workers around the world.
Friday 8 July 2022
Indian startup offers software-based digital radio broadcast receiver
Radio has, for long, been an integral part of human life. But after several years of analog technology, the good old receiver that has benefitted generations is now turning digital. Many countries worldwide now mandate the use of digital radio broadcasting technology to take advantage of increased channels, better audio quality for long-distance reception, etc.
Wednesday 6 July 2022
Turn Cloud signs MOU with two Japanese firms
Turn Cloud Technology Service, a Taiwan-based startup developer of OMO (online merge with offline) total solutions for digital transformation of retail operations, has signed an MoU with Japan-based VINX and Hitachi Solutions for introducing its products and technology to retail store chains, hypermarkets and shopping centers in Japan and Southeast Asia, according to Taiwan's National Development Council (NDC).
Wednesday 6 July 2022
TNP, HiTi unveil personalized cold wallet
Plastic card maker Taiwan Name Plate (TNP) will cooperate with dye-sublimation photo printer maker HiTi Digital to launch FortVax personalized cryptocurrency cold wallet initially in Taiwan, the US and Singapore in third-quarter 2022, according to TNP president Yin Wen-cheng.
Wednesday 6 July 2022
India moving towards CCS protocol: EV charging startup
India is steadily transitioning to EVs as more companies offer vehicles and charging infrastructure. But one issue that continues to remain a challenge is the lack of standardized charging protocol, according to EV Cosmos, a company that is rapidly expanding to offer EV chargers across the country.
Tuesday 5 July 2022
Unu Motors to roll out economical e-scooter and battery subscription in big European cities
E-mobility can be life-changing, especially when you live in big cities and getting stuck in traffic is your daily routine. Unu Motors (styled as unu) is providing a life-changing, time-saving solution to Europeans, starting in Berlin, Germany.
Friday 1 July 2022
Monitoring tools ensure machine learning models drive positive value: Aporia interview
In November 2021, Zillow, a US-based real estate online marketplace, announced it would terminate the practice of relying on algorithms to buy and sell houses. Thanks to the malfunctioned machine learning (ML) models, the company lost almost US$330 million in Q3 2021, according to its financial report.
Friday 1 July 2022
OwlTing enlists Dow Jones database to enhance blockchain transaction security
Taiwan-based blockchain services provider OwlTing has announced that its OwlPay platform has acquired a license for using Dow Jones Risk & Compliance database for strengthening the service's "know your customer" (KYC) processes and improving its risk management ability, according to company founder and CEO Darren Wang.
Thursday 30 June 2022
Metaverse Research (5): What metaverse can offer to future generations?
Talking about metaverse, a frequently-asked question is – "What are the use cases of metaverse?" Gaming is the most obvious and frequent-mentioned use case. However, as the technologies progress, metaverse will definitely bring more to our future generations.
Wednesday 29 June 2022
Israeli OT Cybersecurity Startups (1): 'Cyber resilience' matters for manufacturers, says Claroty
Manufacturers are advised to boost their "cyber resilience" besides cyber defense, while semiconductor makers are bracing for potential nation-state-operated cyberattacks and insider attacks, said Eddie Stefanescu, general manager of Claroty's Asia Pacific and Japan business. The Israel-born company is to open a new office in South Korea in July.
Monday 27 June 2022
SEA roundup: Malaysia seeks more investment from semiconductor players
Tech startups are reportedly laying off workers as global economic uncertainties loom. Meanwhile Malaysia is seeking more investment to upgrade its semiconductor prodution and Thailand has seen car production fall sharply this year due to persistent chip crunch.
Thursday 23 June 2022
Metaverse Research (4): Metaverse version of creator economy is better than your favorite social media apps
Creator economy, defined as the 100+ billion-dollar businesses of independent content creators, has been the pillar of our existing social platforms, generating business opportunities not only for the creator themselves but the employees and partnered brands.
Wednesday 22 June 2022
Google, Mizuho Bank and TMYTEK shed light on corporate startup management and synergies
With global digital transformation accelerating and breakthroughs in a wide range of tech developments - such as those for 5G, AI, cloud/edge computing, metaverse/virtual-physical integration, self-driving cars/electric vehicles (EV) - companies around the world are paying much closer attention to and investing more resources in collaborations with startups that promise creativity and innovative ideas. This is driving corporate startup engagement (CSE). Its aim is not only to introduce new momentum into established companies' digital transformation, but also to jointly build a better world.