Mon, Aug 2, 2021
Friday 30 July 2021
E-bus platforms for emerging markets: Q&A with Monika Mikac, CBO of QEV Technologies
Monika Mikac is CBO of Barcelona-based QEV Technologies, and former COO of Croatian EV startup Rimac Automobili. She started her career as a journalist but joined Rimac when the company was only an 8-person team. Mikac witnessed its lean beginning and helped grow the team and business. She is the "superwoman" of the EV world, helping with fundings and investments, establishing business connections and managing marketing operations for QEV and Rimac all these years. She will join MIH Alliance CEO Jack Cheng at the "Asia Venturing (II): Tech-Driven Mobility" event to be hosted at 8am Taipei time on August 10, 2021.
Tuesday 27 July 2021
Seizing online audio-visual communication business opportunities, iHH's Arctos gains favor with customers
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, the global economy and people's lives have been greatly affected. Going to banks, hospitals, shopping at supermarkets, religious activities, and other daily activities, for example, all came under restrictions. In addition, onsite exhibitions that used to have large crowds have now almost all turned to the online format, including major international exhibitions such as CES and COMPUTEX. Although there are many online exhibition solutions on the market, they all focus on product exhibits and lack a platform for follow-up business opportunities and communication, relying only on traditional email, text customer service, telephone customer service, and video conferencing. These traditional communication modes lack scheduling design and are unable to provide appointment communication services and interactive functions, which in turn weakens the effectiveness of the online exhibition.
Monday 26 July 2021
Kdan raises US$16 million in Series B round, looking to go international
Taiwanese software startup Kdan Mobile raised US$16 million in Series B round from investors from South Korea and Japan, looking to take its cloud-based remote signing solutions DottedSign to South Korea by the end of 2021.
Friday 23 July 2021
Diversifying vital signs information with optimized real-time multi-to-many monitoring
WHO estimates show that cardiovascular diseases are the cause of approximately 17.9 million deaths worldwide each year and account for 31% of total deaths, making it the leading non-infectious cause of death. Reports of individuals living alone suddenly passing away at home or bus drivers dying due to a heart attack while on the clock are far from rare occurrences on the news. Today, with the advent of technology, there is finally a solution to these events that used to catch people off guard. Singular Wings Medical has come up with a Group CVD monitoring system that serves as a network-based multi-to-many real-time physiological vital signs monitoring solution. Patients only need to wear a lightweight monitoring patch to allow the back-end system to monitor the real-time changes of their vital signs, thus reducing the chance of sudden death due to cardiovascular failure through active monitoring in place of after-the-fact diagnosis.
Thursday 22 July 2021
Radica Health's telehealth technologies improve care efficiency based on thorough understanding of issues in ICU
Fighting COVID-19 has become the top priority of governments around the world as the virus ravages the world. COVID-19 is highly contagious and has forced the healthcare and high tech industries to join forces in designing contactless care systems in hopes of controlling the pandemic as early as possible. The Ted-ICU AI Platform and KIOSK that were recently released by Radica Health not only reduce contact between healthcare workers and patients, but also improve work efficiency through cutting-edge technologies.
Wednesday 21 July 2021
Revolutionizing biosensing approaches with light sensing, Instant NanoBiosensors' FOPPR technology creates vision of mutual benefit
In times of illness that necessitate physical exams at the hospital, most people have the experience of having to wait long periods of time for computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results. Although spinal fluid extraction and biopsy of organic tissue are mature technologies, patients are daunted by the invasive nature of these procedures. The fiberoptic particle plasmon resonance (FOPPR) technology developed by Instant NanoBiosensors not only has sensitivity far exceeding other mainstream instruments on the market, but is able to, using just a small amount of peripheral blood (serum, less than 20uL) and three simple steps-- sample injection, analysis and report generation, produce testing results in just a few minutes.
Tuesday 20 July 2021
Asia Venturing: Cross-border investments by corporate VCs are key driving force for tech innovation
The first panel talk at Asia Venturing online forum, held on July 16, 2021 by DIGITIMES and Anchor Taiwan, featured the vice pesident and general manager of Business Solutions Group at Qisda Corporation Michael Lee; partner of Japan's MS&AD Ventures Tiffine Wang; and Kickstart Ventures president Minette Navarrette and Kickstart Ventures VP for investments Joan Yao. They spoke about investing in foreign startups, discovering opportunities for the parent company and pumping momentum for young companies to grow and innovate.
Tuesday 20 July 2021
With sensitivity and specificity rivalling that of central lab devices, BluSense Diagnostics enables fast and high-precision virus screening
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage countries across the globe, screening has become a necessary weapon for fighting the epidemic. Currently utilized testing methods, however, require professional processing, and results are not available until at least four hours later. In response to this pain point, BluSense Diagnostics has developed BluBox, a portable medical testing platform that eliminates the need for sample pre-processing and shortens testing time to just six minutes.
Monday 19 July 2021
Taiwan to invest over NT$80 billion in smart airports, seaports
Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) plans to invest NT$80.7 billion (US$2.9 billion) into digital transformation of airports and seaports, using AI, IoT, big data and other innovative technologies over the next five years.
Thursday 15 July 2021
Digital signature authentication: Q&A with Hungarian startup Birosign CEO Balazs Nagy
Although digital signature of remote documents is no longer a problem, how to distinguish the authenticity of signature documents and how to verify that the signature is made by the countersigner in person is a pain point. Hungarian start-up Birosign, which was selected by the Epoch Foundation Garage+ Accelerator in early June as one of the 46 must-see start-ups at Computex 2021's virtual exhibition, provides a solution to this problem by using sensor technology and machine learning.
Monday 12 July 2021
South Korean firms building smart city in Vietnam
South Korea's SparkLabs Korea, Daewoo E&C Vina, and Bespin Global have signed a strategic partnership to construct a smart city platform in Vietnam, according to SparkLabs Group.
Monday 12 July 2021
Philippines' Globe Telecom ventures into startups to generate revenue from value-added services
The Philippines' Globe Telecom created revenue growth of more than 60% of revenue in seven years, with its almost 9% in average annual growth higher than the average of 6.53% for 16 telecom firms that NYU Stern School of Business tracks around the world. Through its 100%-owned subsidiary Kickstart Ventures, Globe Telecom has successfully built a digital ecosystem that offers a variety of value-added services to generate substantial revenue.
Friday 9 July 2021
Investing in innovation: Q&A with Taiwania general partner Cheng Wu
Cheng Wu, a general patner at Taiwania Capital Management, has founded several high profile companies with total market value of NT$180 billion (US$64 billion). Wu has been embracing a different approach to investing in startups.
Tuesday 6 July 2021
The mmWave opportunity: Q&A with MixComm CEO Mike Noonen
Mike Noonen has witnessed the vicissitudes of the semiconductor industry over the past 20 years. With a vision to lower the threshold of innovation for semiconductor startups, he co-founded the world's first semiconductor startup accelerator, Silicon Catalyst. Now he serves as CEO of MixComm, a startup that manufactures beamforming ICs used in mmWave components and 5G infrastructure.
Monday 5 July 2021
TCloud offers 250 digital tools for small businesses
Remote work and online activities have become the new normal since the pandemic started. Startng in July, Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III)'s TCloud offers 250 digital tools for local micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses to accelerate digital transfomation and to improve competitiveness.
Friday 2 July 2021
Medical startup iXensor launches smart antigen testing solution for COVID-19
Taiwan-based medical technology startup iXensor has launched a smart antigen testing solution that is able to detect COVID-19 infections and can show the rest results via its smartphone app.