Bio Asia-Taiwan 2020
Bio Asia-Taiwan 2020, running from July 22 to 26, features many innovations from local univeristy research teams.
Wednesday 22 July 2020
NTHU and NCU engage in cross-sector innovations, aspiring to build world-class healthcare ecosystem
As technology transforms the healthcare industry, more and more universities are offering degree programs in biomedical engineering to position themselves in the smart healthcare industry ecosystem. National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and National Central University (NCU) with robust research strength in science, engineering, ICT and other technologies further leverage cross-sector integration and the Ministry of Science and Technology's (MOST) Global Research and Industry Alliance (GLORIA) program to actively tap industry resources and connect with market needs. Through reciprocal interactions, they look to lead Taiwan's developments in precision medicine, personalized medicine and eHealth to expand globally and build a world-class healthcare ecosystem.
Wednesday 22 July 2020
Medical universities NYMU and TMU jointly create AI-enabled healthcare ecosystem
With a rapidly growing number of high-tech firms and startups scrambling into research and development combining healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI), targeting the new "AIoH" blue ocean market, National Yang Ming University (NYMU) and Taipei Medical University (TMU) are endeavoring to incorporate advanced technologies including big data analytics, cloud computing and ICT innovations, and engage additional academia-industry collaborations to accelerate the creation of Taiwan's smart healthcare industry chain and a whole new healthcare ecosystem for the realization of home care, remote care, personalized medicine and precision medicine.
Monday 20 July 2020
NCKU and CGU join forces with the industry to enable futuristic smart epidemic prevention
Bio Asia-Taiwan 2020, which opens on July 22, 2020, will be held in an unprecedented "Online + Live" format. The event will be the first global biotechnology conference taking place in Asia amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Global Research & Industry Alliance National Cheng Kung University (GLORIA NCKU) and Chang Gung University (CGU) from the International Intelligent Biotech and Medical Alliance have made leaping advances in epidemic prevention research. Their front-running research achievements in body temperature monitoring, surgical masks and virus testing stand a good chance of being marketed worldwide and tapping the multi-billion-dollar virus prevention market.