Tue, Sep 28, 2021
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Monday 27 September 2021
Digi-Key launches Power Focus campaign with Power Integrations
As part of its Power Focus campaign, Digi-Key Electronics, which offers the world's largest selection of electronic components in stock for immediate shipment, is collaborating with Power Integrations, a leading innovator in semiconductor technologies for high-voltage power conversion, to offer Power Integrations' InnoSwitch3 IC family with PowiGaN technology.
Thursday 23 September 2021
Chunghwa Telecom launches smart pole integration solutions, eyeing business opportunities from smart cities around the world
Without a doubt, the fifth generation of cellular networks (otherwise known as 5G) is a popular topic recently. Various industries hope to use its key advantages such as high speed, low latency, great connection, etc to hasten the advent of different IoT applications, thereby resulting in successful digital transformation. Most city governments around the world also have the same grand vision as private enterprises. They all hope that 5G can be the core to promoting smart cities.
Wednesday 22 September 2021
Chenbro launches high-density 2U side-load storage server chassis optimized for tiering hot and cold data
Chenbro, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of own-brand rackmount system, is excited to announce the latest ultra-dense 2U storage server chassis, the RM25324, which accommodates 24 x 3.5-inch side access hot-swap hard drives, 7 x low profile PCIe slots, and an ATX motherboard, optimized for computing and storage balance to support industrial storage, data center, and digital surveillance applications.
Wednesday 22 September 2021
Startup Tauria to release security-focused teleconferencing program accessible to all
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world have issued curfews restricting citizens from leaving their homes to work or to shop. Consequently, this has led to the rapid rise of remote working, remote education and e-commerce.
Wednesday 8 September 2021
GIGAIPC addressing industrial solutions solving smart manufacturing impacts to transform and develop the ability for the future
As a growing number of image sensors, radar devices and video cameras, a massive amount of streaming data is being generated over the networks, manufacturers and corporations are relying on the industrial control equipment more than ever. Analyzing this data to create insights in ways can monitor the health of critical systems, streamline processes, and improve profitability. The current mainstream industrial practice such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) or various smart embedded systems leverage the benefits of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies.
Tuesday 7 September 2021
The best power supply choices for blockchain industrial applications
The World Economic Forum has specified that blockchain is one of the most important technologies second to the Internet. From the development of blockchain 1.0 to 3.0, from bitcoins to various virtual currencies, from public blockchain, consortium blockchain to private blockchain platform development, it is estimated that 10% of global GDP will store transactions through blockchain technology, foreseeing booming industrial application developments in the future. Therefore, all storage devices need a power supply featuring high performance and high stability to maintain the blockchain's uninterrupted power supply for storing transactions.
Monday 6 September 2021
SINTRONES event addressing AIoT, fleet management solutions levering 5G technology
As a growing number of sensors, radar devices and video cameras, a massive amount of data is being generated over the traffic networks, automotive manufacturers have an opportunity to grab attention with new service business opportunities. Analyzing this data to create insights in ways can turn into valuable products and services. Car makers and smart transportation solution providers are looking for a secure and sustainable way leveraging digitization technologies to move from connected to smart transportation solutions for driver and passenger safety in 5G era.
Friday 3 September 2021
MSI AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI Robot verified by Texcell/France effectively inactivate new SARS-COV2 virus within seconds under research conditions
After a year and a half of the global outbreak of the SARS COV2, the world is still suffering from the severity of the new coronavirus pandemic. In addition to widespread adherence to mask mandate, handwashing, maintaining social distance, vaccinations, and taking other preventative measures, in order to deal with varied unknown environmental and global health safety issues, MSI actively engaged in research and development of technologies for disinfecting both air and surface, producing the Intelligent AMR disinfection robot, which has recently been verified by France's global research institute Texcell, to be effective. This would aid in ending the pandemic and give people peace of mind regarding their health.
Friday 3 September 2021
DataVan to release industrial PC product line, filling gaps in company product roadmap
The trend of digital transformation has not only triggered a surge of smart retail but has also boosted growth for Industrial PCs. In fact, the world's leading smart retail solution provider DataVan (3521.TWO) had already begun to prepare its entry to the IPC market back in 2019 with the founding of its Shanghai subsidiary, Shanghai DataVan. While more recently, it has also acquired IPC manufacturer Maincon Corporation into its portfolio. Since the three brands in the Datavan group have complementary presence in the industrial system market, they will be able to provide diverse product lines that have greater coverage in the market so that they can offer clients from different regions or industries better solutions.
Thursday 2 September 2021
MSI and Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport join forces in endless quest for ultimate performance and precise control
MSI announced the partnership with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport Team! MSI's innovative products with high performance in the eSport industry are unanimously endorsed by gamers, which makes MSI become a world leading gaming brand; Yamaha motorcycles' high speed and extreme performance on the race track inspire people, which creates a position for Yamaha, the most valuable motorcycle brand in the world. On the basis of similar core values and principles within their own fields, MSI and Yamaha decided to establish this partnership.
Tuesday 31 August 2021
GUC announces ultra-high bandwidth and power efficient die-to-die (GLink 2.0) total solution
Global Unichip Corp. (GUC), the advanced ASIC leader, disclosed that its second-generation GLink 2.0 (GUC multi-die interLink) interface, using TSMC 5nm process and TSMC advanced packaging technology for multi-die integration in AI, HPC and Networking applications, has passed full silicon qualification.