Notes & corrections
30 Dec 2005
A December 26 article listed Compal Electronics as the OEM manufacturer of the Kuro Neo MP3 player. Lite-On Technology Corporation (LTC) is the manufacturer.
23 Dec 2005
A December 23 article incorrectly stated the president of WPG Holdings has been accused of insider trading. The person accused is president of Silicon Application Corporation (SAC).
A December 22 news brief incorrectly reported that Lite-On Semiconductor would release its 23% stake in Diodes. Instead, Lite-On Semiconductor will be selling a 62.05% stake in Anachip to Diodes.
A December 20 article should read that Infineon is in the process of receiving validation from leading game console makers, not that it has already received the validations.
A December 21 article incorrectly stated Etron landed NOR flash orders from Spansion. The orders were for single-transistor pseudo-SRAM (1T PSRAM).
In an August 8 article, 2Q shipment figures for Taiwan's small-to-medium sized panels were off by a factor of ten.
13 Dec 2005
In a December 12 article, a conversion error over-reported earnings-per-share in US dollars by a factor of 10. The correct figures have been posted.
In a December 12 article the calculated percentage growth in motherboard shipments were miscalculated. Correct figures have been posted.
12 Dec 2005
November revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
7 Dec 2005
A December 6 article incorrectly stated that Palm had acquired a Linux-based handset software developer in China. PalmSource is the company that made the acquisition.
A December 6 article incorrectly stated that a Mac operating system for Intel-based Macintoshes was already available for download. A test version of the operating system is rumored to have been released for limited testing.
1 Dec 2005
A November 30 article incorrectly stated that Samsung Corning has become the top PDP module supplier in Taiwan. The correct company is Samsung SDI.
A November 25 excerpt incorrectly stated that UTAC projects its 4Q revenues will hit US$320 million. That amount refers to its total revenues for 2005.
A November 10 article incorrectly stated that Felix S.T. Chen is the CEO of Sampo. He is the chairman of Sampo Group.
A November 28 article incorrectly inflated Gartner estimates for the car-use electronic device market by a factor of 10. The correct forecast is US$14.46 billion in 2006, up from US$13.41 billion in 2005.
29 Nov 2005
In a November 29 article, the shipment figures of Panasonic and Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) were over-reported by a factor of 10. The correct figures should be 4.058 million units for Panasonic and 1.271 million units for HLDS.
24 Nov 2005
In a November 23 article, inadvertently stated that Transcend recently introduced the JetFlash DSC, but the company has been marketing this product since 2004. Transcend stated it is no longer producing the JetFlash DSC but supply is still available.
22 Nov 2005
In a November 21 article, a wrong photo was identified as Asustek's Shanghai plant. A correct photo has been inserted.
18 Nov 2005
The table in an October 26 article incorrectly stated Samsung's LCD division had 3Q operating margins of 9% while LPL had margins of 11%. The figures from the two companies should be switched.
A November 15 article incorrectly listed the Samsung Electronics SyncMaster 204t as a 20.1-inch widescreen LCD monitor. The SyncMaster 204t features an aspect ratio of 4:3.
A November 17 article incorrectly stated that ViewSonic has moved its global headquarters to Taiwan from the US. The company only moved its Global Products Group, which handles the development and procurement of LCDs, CRTs and projectors, to Taiwan.
17 Nov 2005
A September 13 article cites sources as saying that Intel 975X chipsets will support Nvidia SLI. Nvidia has stated that it currently has no agreement with Intel for SLI on the 975X platform.
A November 15 article mistakenly listed Intel's 865GV chipset as the 86GV.
16 Nov 2005
A November 16 article incorrectly attributed Acer? CEO as the source. Instead, Acer? OEM partners were the source of the information.
11 Nov 2005
October revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Nov 2005
A November 11 article incorrectly stated that CyberTAN's amount of financing to Citron Electronic was NT$3.65 billion. The correct amount is NT$1.62 billion.
8 Nov 2005
A November 7 article contained a table that incorrectly listed consolidated YTD revenues in NT$. The correct unit should be NT$b.
4 Nov 2005
A site note correcting a November 1 article incorrectly stated the ASP for 42-inch ED PDP TV fell to US$1,7000 in Oct. The correct price is US$1,700.
A November 1 article incorrectly stated the ASP for 42-inch ED PDP TV fell to less than US$1,700 this Jul and US$1,200 to last month in N. America. The correct price for Jul is less than US$2,000 and for Oct is US$1,700. Also, the definition for a HD PDP TV should be (1,280x768 or 1,366x768) instead of (1,024x1,024 or 1,366x768). In addition, some makers were incorrectly said to be planning launches for 50-inch HD sets priced at US$2,000. The size is 42-inches.
2 Nov 2005
Foxconn's quarterly revenues and profits in a table in a November 1 article were reported smaller by a factor of 10.
1 Nov 2005
3Q results for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
31 Oct 2005
An October 28 article incorrectly stated Accton Technology's pre-tax profits as US$1.64 million. The correct figure should be US$1.16 million.
26 Oct 2005
An October 18 article and an article on October 25, incorrectly stated that Zyxel and HwaCom won a bid for NT$507 billion (US$15 billion). The correct amount should be NT$507 million (US$15 million).
24 Oct 2005
An October 5 article reported that BenQ will raise prices by US$50-200 this month for its entry-level LCD monitors. The correct price increase range is NT$50-200.
An October 11 article incorrectly stated Amtran Technology shipped 260,000 LCD monitors in the third quarter. The correct total was 380,200 units.
An October 21 article reported that the AOpen mini PC will have two fans and is powered by an external 85-watt power supply. However, the AOpen mini PC will have only one fan and a 65W external power supply.
20 Oct 2005
An October 19 article incorrectly listed Mitac International's 4Q05 revenues as US$57-60 million, up from US$55.5 million in 3Q. The correct figures should be US$570-600 million and US$555 million, respectively.
19 Oct 2005
An October 18 article incorrectly stated that Panasonic cut prices in Taiwan for its 32-inch LCD TVs 42%. The decrease was 16.69%.
An October 5 article incorrectly stated UEC's chairman as Kuo-Hsin Huang. Charles Chen is currently the company's chairman.
An October 17 article incorrectly stated that Albatron's PX915P-2V motherboard supports SATA2 ports. The new board supports SATA ports.
12 Oct 2005
In an October 11 article, September shipments from ECS were an estimated figure. ECS' revised figures are 1.92 million motherboards for September.
11 Oct 2005
September revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
7 Oct 2005
Due to the Double Ten national holiday in Taiwan, our site will not be updated on Monday, October 10.
6 Oct 2005
An October 5 article stated a joint venture between UTAC and Nepes Corp will construct a gold-bumping facility in Singapore. The JV will construct a wafer bumping facility.
An October 5 article, quoting sources, reported that AT&S plans to move its handset-use PCB production from Austria to Shanghai. The company later denied this.
5 Oct 2005
An October 5 article about the propriety of the relationship between UMC and Hejian incorrectly stated the Hsinchu court has grounds for prosecuting at this point. The spokesman for the prosecutor? office stated there are no grounds for prosecuting at this point.
4 Oct 2005
A September 16 excerpt incorrectly quoted the Chinese-language Economic Daily News as saying that Intel was likely to add MSI as its third motherboard contract maker. The paper indicated that ECS may be the chip giant's third motherboard contract maker.
30 Sep 2005
A September 29 article incorrectly stated LG Chem's revenues exceeded US$50 billion in 2004. The correct number for unconsolidated sales is 7.12 trillion korean won (US$6.18 billion), and it was the first time that sales exceeded US$5 billion following the demerger of the company in 2001.
29 Sep 2005
A September 21 article incorrectly attributed Creative Labs Taiwan as saying that it would drop MP3 player prices in Taiwan. The news was according to sources and the company has said that it has no such plans at this time.
27 Sep 2005
A September 23 article indicated Sharp's annual cash flow from operating activities is around US$800 million. Sharp's cash flow from operating activities in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2005 is US$1.96 billion.
A September 26 article indicated Japan-based Elpida Memory? Japan Hiroshima E300 fab will attain a minimum capacity of 45,000 12-inch wafers this quarter. The capacity will be reached in the fourth quarter.
A September 16 article incorrectly stated that the Puma 9000 patterned wafer inspection system, from KLA-Tencor, combines high-resolution imaging with darkfield scatterometry. It should have stated that the Puma 9000 offers both high-resolution imaging and darkfield scattering.
22 Sep 2005
A September 22 article implies that makers of no name MP3 players are withdrawing their products from the Taiwan market, in fact distributors have stopped purchasing or limited their purchases of these no name MP3 players.
21 Sep 2005
A September 21 headline incorrectly reported the new Biostar mini-PC as the iDEQ 350G. The correct designation should be the iDEQ 330N.
16 Sep 2005
A September 15 article incorrectly implied that DisplaySearch believed oversupply in the LCD TV panel market may worsen this year, but the market research firm issued a press release refuting this, saying that we misrepresented its data. We recast the article to reflect that concerns about oversupply came from Taiwan industry sources and not from DisplaySearch.
15 Sep 2005
A September 13 article cited sources as saying that Intel had reached an agreement with Nvidia allowing for SLI on Intel? 975X chipset. Nvidia, however, says that there currently is no such agreement with Intel.
12 Sep 2005
August revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
9 Sep 2005
An August 31 article incorrectly stated Mediatek will acquire Pericom Semiconductor. Alpha Imaging Technology (AIT) is the company being acquired by Mediatek.
A September 6 excerpt incorrectly stated Largan Precision reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.9 billion in August, the correct number should be NT$350 million.
5 Sep 2005
2Q results for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
30 Aug 2005
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Service changes - Starting September 19, 2005, our free daily news emails will include five news briefs (headlines with the first paragraphs), instead of the current one full story and four news briefs.
New service - Starting September 19, DigiTimes will begin publishing ICT (information and communications technology) and FPD (flat-panel display) reports. More details, including samples, are available on our website.
22 Aug 2005
An attribution was added to the title of an August 19 article about Dell? Taiwan R&D center.
18 Aug 2005
An August 17 article failed to attribute the claim that Infineon may find itself short of DRAM foundry capacity. Industry sources made the claim. Infineon? replies to the report were also added to the article.
12 Aug 2005
July revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
11 Aug 2005
Clarification: Novatek has revised down its second quarter shipment figures for large size TFT-LCD drivers ICs from 103 million to 75 million, as cited in a July 28 article.
9 Aug 2005
A June 28 article incorrectly stated LCD TV shipment from Taiwan-based LCD TV makers totaled 850,900 units in the second quarter, the correct figure is 859,000.
5 Aug 2005
Clarification: The article SMIC: rumors surrounding chairman replacement groundless, move will strengthen corporate governance has been recast to more accurately reflect comments by the company.
29 Jul 2005
Clarification: A July 28 article stating Intel is selling NOR flash to design houses like Etron Technology now includes a comment from Etron.
25 Jul 2005
A July 22 excerpt incorrectly stated the name of Silicon Storage Technology (SST).
21 Jul 2005
Clarification: MIC labeled shipments of K8 CPU-based motherboards (Socket 754/939) as Socket 939 motherboard shipments, as cited in a July 19 article. The data has been relabeled.
Clarification: MSI has revised the price of its P4N SLI motherboard, as stated in a July 19 article, from NT$9,500 (US$298) to NT$5,600 (US$175).
An April 19 article stated that CPT had first quarter small- to medium-size panel shipments of less than 100,000 units. The figure referred to monthly shipments in the first quarter.
17 Jul 2005
Work has been cancelled in most of Taiwan on Monday, July 18, due to Typhoon Haitang. CWB track.
12 Jul 2005
June revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
11 Jul 2005
In a July 11 article, we incorrectly titled a table column 'Intel dual-core Celeron D' instead of 'Intel 64-bit Celeron D.'
8 Jul 2005
A July 8 article incorrectly stated that Winbond Electronics recorded monthly 1T pseudo SRAM wafer starts rocketing 200% in 2Q 2005. The report should have referred to quarterly wafer starts and not monthly.
A Feb 2 article incorrectly stated that Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI) planned to ramp its monthly micro BGA capacity to 54 million units by the end of February, up from 27 million units in December 2004. The capacities should have been 5.4 million units from 2.7 million.
7 Jul 2005
A July 6 article incorrectly stated Quanta Display has issued a 400 million-share NT$6 billion domestic convertible bond. The company issued 400 million new shares and NT$6 billion worth of convertible bonds. The company set the price of the new shares at NT$15.50.
5 Jul 2005
A June 27 photo of an Infineon TPM chip was incorrectly labeled as an Infineon DDR3 chip.
1 Jul 2005
A June 27 article incorrectly stated Mosel Vitelic was forming a joint venture with an investor in Ningbo Bird and Hynix Semiconductor. It will be ProMOS Technologies and the Ningbo Bird related company that form the joint venture, which will be located in Shanghai, China.
A May 11 article incorrectly stated polarizer shipments for small- to medium-size panels accounted for 12-13% of April revenues for Optimax. The correct revenue share for the segment was 2-3%.
A June 30 article incorrectly stated the name of Silicon Storage Technology (SST).
24 Jun 2005
A table in a June 10 article listing Wistron? product shipments for 2004 was incorrectly labeled 2005.
23 Jun 2005
The table in a June 10 article overstated the estimated semiconductor revenues for 2Q05 and full year 2005 by a factor of ten. The data has been revised.
A table in a June 21 article incorrectly listed the screen resolutions of several RPTVs. The data has been revised.
22 Jun 2005
A June 10 article incorrectly stated 93,500 PDP TVs were sold in Taiwan in the first quarter of this year. However, the reported total was for global PDP TV shipments made by Taiwan-based vendors.
13 Jun 2005
May revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Jun 2005
A June 10 article incorrectly stated Arima Communication shipped four million units in the first four months of this year. The correct time frame is the first six months of this year.
8 Jun 2005
The table in a March 22 article incorrectly uses wafers as the unit of measurement. The correct measurement is units. IST has also updated the year-end forecast data listed in the table.
The headline for a June 8 article incorrectly stated that NT$30,000 was equal to US$691. The correct amount is US$961.
7 Jun 2005
A June 7 article translated statements made by Terry Cheng, president of Texas Instruments (Asia), as saying that Taiwan? telecom industry should be cautious in developing 3G products, but a more literal translation of his statements would be that the vendors should not place all their eggs in one basket and so reserve some energy for the 2.5G market.
A June 1 article incorrectly referred to a Twinhead multimedia notebook as the 17D. The correct name of the product is the 17K.
6 Jun 2005
A June 2 article incorrectly stated D-Link and CyberTAN Technology were showcasing their "triple-play" devices at Computex. Although the two companies are ramping up production of such devices, they did not exhibit at Computex this year.
A June 2 article incorrectly labels a new DDR2 module from Kingston Technology as having an effective speed of 1066MHz. The correct speed is 750 MHz.
A May 26 article incorrectly attributes Ibiden as stating supply of multi-layered FC substrates may fall short of demand in the second half of this year. The correct source is an unspecified investment firm.
27 May 2005
A May 23 article incorrectly stated that Mitac plans to set up its third overseas plant in Thailand or Eastern Europe. The sites considered will be Vietnam or Eastern Europe. In addition, Francis Tsai is vice chairman of the company, not president.
A May 27 article stating Samsung and Toshiba are increasing their 8Gbit NAND flash supply should have clarified that Toshiba will only begin producing 8Gbit parts this summer.
24 May 2005
A May 24 article stating that Spansion may place orders to UMC and Chartered to produce ORNAND flash, incorrectly attributed the statement to a sources at Spansion. In fact, the sources were market sources.
18 May 2005
A May 18 article discussing the launch date of AMD Turion notebooks was only meant to address the Taiwan market, not the global market.
13 May 2005
A May 12 article incorrectly stated Amkor confirmed that it was shipping chips using CSP (chip scale packaging) to ATI Technologies. In fact, Amkor declined to comment on this news.
12 May 2005
April revenues and 1Q 2005 and 4Q 2004 financial reports for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
4 May 2005
An April 13 article incorrectly quoted IDC as stating global ODMs reached a combined US$4.37 billion in revenues last year. The correct figure is US$43.7 billion.
3 May 2005
The table in an April 26 article incorrectly switched the 1Q mobo shipment figures for Gigabyte and MSI. The correct shipment figures are 3.2 million units for MSI and 3.36 million for Gigabyte.
27 Apr 2005
An April 22 excerpt incorrectly attributed financial information about Agilent Technologies as coming from the company. Market sources provided the analysis.
26 Apr 2005
In a February 1 article, we incorrectly stated that GemTek posted unaudited revenues of NT$12.35 billion from the Taiwan sector and NT$13.24 billion from the China sector, respectively, in 2004. GemTek's combined revenues from China and Taiwan totaled NT$13.24 billion last year, with NT$890 million from China and NT$12.35 billion from Taiwan.
22 Apr 2005
In an April 18 interview, we misquoted SigmaTel CEO Ron Edgerton as providing figures for SigmaTel's first quarter revenues and margin, and indicating that the company provided controller ICs for HDD-based iPod players. Edgerton did not provide any first quarter figures and he only made a general reference to flash-based devices from a brand leader.
Service change: Starting May 3, 2005, we will reduce our free news access period from two weeks to three days. Accessing news older than three days will require membership. For information about our membership, please click here.
21 Apr 2005
An April 14 article attributed financial information about Actions Semiconductor to sources at the company. The sources were market sources.
An April 13 article stated that Arima Optoelectronics shipped 36 billion blue LED chips in 4Q04. The correct total is 3.6 billion.
19 Apr 2005
An April 7 article should read that Quanta Display's shipments increased 28% on month in March, not 22%.
An April 13 article stated a Korean manufacturer decided to stop producing low density NAND chips at 0.2-micron node. It should read 0.12-micron node.
15 Apr 2005
An April 15 article incorrectly stated that Intel would push back the launch of its Yonah CPU to the second quarter of 2006, and erroneously cited a Register article. The DigiTimes article should have said that Intel will delay its 64-bit mobile CPU. The Register article stated Intel will release its ultra-low voltage Yonahs in the second quarter of 2006.
In the April 13 excerpts, we incorrectly stated that Powerchip's capex budget for 2005 is NT$1.1 billion. The amount should be US$1.2 billion.
12 Apr 2005
March revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
4 Apr 2005
Tuesday, April 5, is the Tomb Sweeping holiday in Taiwan. DigiTimes will be updated as normal.
1 Apr 2005
In a June 25 article, we cited an incorrect number of 355 million mobile phone subscribers in China from the Chinese People? Daily Online. The correct figure is 301 million subscribers.
A March 31 article reported that UTAC will have 80 testers after acquiring UTC. The number of testers actually will total 213, as UTAC already has 163 testers.
29 Mar 2005
On Wednesday, March 30, from 2am until 6am (Taiwan time), we will be upgrading our systems. News on the site will be inaccessible during this period. Apologies for any inconvenience.
23 Mar 2005
In a December 15 article, prices of Intel 865GV in the chart were incorrectly stated to drop from NT$26 currently to NT$24 on April 3. The price cut should be for Intel 865PE, and prices for Intel 865GV will remain flat.
22 Mar 2005
In a March 2 interview, we incorrectly wrote that Hitachi's overall HDD shipments would grow 100% this year, up from 46.6 million drives in 2004. No figure is available for overall shipments in 2005. Hitachi expect shipments of consumer electronics HDDs to double this year, on sales of 8 million units in 2004. In addition, Hitachi defines microdrives as being 1-inch.
In a March 03 article, we incorrectly stated that combined sales of CRT and LCD monitors from Taiwan totaled 590,600 units in the fourth quarter of 2004. The figure indicates sales in Taiwan.
21 Mar 2005
A December 29, 2004 article, stated LGETT plans to ship 100,000 PDP TVs in Taiwan in 2005. The correct number is 30,000.
17 Mar 2005
In a March 15 article, we incorrectly stated Intel would launch the dual-core Presler CPU in 1Q05. The date should be 1Q06.
14 Mar 2005
In a March 10 article, we incorrectly stated that supply may exceed demand if Compeq stops producing flip-chip substrates. We should have written that demand may exceed supply.
In a March 11 article, we incorrectly wrote ProMOS in the first table, instead of ChipMOS.
11 Mar 2005
February revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
9 Mar 2005
A March 8 excerpt from the Greater-China press should read that global demand for digital PWM ICs will reach US$335 million through 2007, not 335m units.
In a March 8 article, we stated that Asustek Computer and China-based Lenovo Group have stepped their contacts. It should have read stepped up.
4 Mar 2005
In a February 23 article, we incorrectly stated that Rob Csongor was a senior director of mobile computing products at Nvidia. Csongor is the general manager of the division.
23 Feb 2005
A February 18 article incorrectly stated that DFI has no plans to release an nForce4-4X socket-754 motherboard. The company plans to release such a product next quarter.
15 Feb 2005
January revenues for about 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
14 Feb 2005
In a February 4 article, we incorrectly stated that Wistron ITS gained CMMI Level 2 verification. The company received CMMI Level 3 verification in late January.
5 Feb 2005
In a Feb 2 article, we wrote that Gainward will sell its brand and European branch to Palit Microsystems for US$1 million. Instead, the deal includes US$1 million for the brand and an amount equivalent to Gainward's equity holding in Gainward Europe GmbH at the end of 2004. In addition, Gainward is expected to make the deal with Lee Shih-lung, chairman of Palit, instead of dealing direct with Palit. Company PR.
28 Jan 2005
In a January 25 article, the name of Cute Mobile has been changed to xcute Mobile following a name change in December 2004 following the adoption of the xcute brand name.
26 Jan 2005
We updated a January 25 article with Micron's response.
20 Jan 2005
In a January 19 article, we incorrectly titled a chart 'Top 10 Indian telecom carriers.' It actually lists the top 10 regions in India by mobile phone usage.
18 Jan 2005
In a January 17 article, we incorrectly stated that SMIC has a backend plant in Wuxi. The plant is located in Chengdu.
In a December 17 article, we incorrectly stated in the table that shipments of CCD sensors were 51.587 million units in 2002. The number should be 66.945 million units.
17 Jan 2005
A December 29 article has been corrected to state that Everlight Electronics, Lite-On Technology and Harvatek are already licensing white-SMD-LED patents from Osram Opto Semiconductors, not to Osram.
12 Jan 2005
December revenues for over 1,000 of Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
11 Jan 2005
In a January 10 article, we incorrectly stated that Elpida is a merger of DRAM divisions of Hitachi and Mitsubishi. The firm is actually a merger of divisions of NEC and Hitachi.
In a March 16 2004 article, we said that Mitac Technology Corporation (MTC) marketed the Mio brand, and in a January 6 2005 article we stated that Mio Technology is a MTC owned company. In fact, it was Mitac International that originally marketed the Mio brand, and established Mio Technology in 2004.
A December 16 article stated that Sega recently acquired Japan-based Sammy Corporation. However, it was Sammy Corporation that acquired Sega.
5 Jan 2005
In a January 4 article we incorrectly stated that iSuppli estimated the worldwide DRAM supply would grow 50% in 2004. The correct figure should be 40%.
4 Jan 2005
We have added the name of the company raided, clarified sources and corrected a statement from AMD in yesterday's article Taiwan police seize 60,000 suspect AMD CPUs.
3 Jan 2005
In a December 31 article, we incorrectly stated that AMD would release a 939-pin Opteron for workstations and entry-level servers. The part will be a 939-pin Athlon 64.