HTC smartphone biz revamp
HTC has sold part of its smartphone team to Google as it seeks to turn around its business.
Wednesday 18 September 2019
HTC names Yves Maitre as CEO
HTC has named former Orange executive Yves Maitre as CEO, effectively immediately, with Cher Wang continuing as chairwoman of the Taiwan-based handset brand vendor.
Monday 16 September 2019
HTC to continue launch smartphones with prudent positioning strategy
HTC will continue to strengthen its deployment in Taiwan's handset market with a more prudent positioning strategy as rival brands have been launching new models rampantly into the...
Monday 9 September 2019
HTC sales up 66% sequentially in August
HTC has reported revenues of NT$734 million (US$23.52 million) for August, up 66.8% on month but down 47.1% on year.
Friday 30 August 2019
Taiwan handsets – 2Q 2019
Taiwan's handset shipments arrived at 13.8 million units in the second quarter of 2019, a level similar to that of the previous quarter, but slipping 33.2% on year.
Tuesday 13 August 2019
HTC reports fifth consecutive quarterly loss in 2Q19
HTC has reported net loss of NT$2.23 billion (US$70.81 million) for the second quarter of 2019, the company's fifth consecutive quarterly loss, although the figure shows a slight...
Monday 8 July 2019
HTC sees revenues improve in June
HTC has reported revenues of NT$1.461 billion (US$46.89 million) for June, up 94% on month but down 34% on year.
Friday 21 June 2019
Taiwan handsets – 1Q 2019
Taiwan's handset shipments slipped 39.5% sequentially in the first quarter of 2019, while compared to the same quarter a year ago, the volume dropped 23.5%.
Wednesday 12 June 2019
HTC launches U19e, Desire 19+
In response to its weak smartphone sales in the previous months due to a lack of new models, HTC has rolled out two new smartphones targeting the mid-range segment - the U19e and...
Tuesday 7 May 2019
HTC reports disappointing sales for April
HTC has reported its revenues tumbled 54.8% on month and 71.7% on year to a 17-year low of NT$592.65 million (US$19.17 million) in April.
Monday 29 April 2019
HTC to launch new generation blockchain smartphones by year-end 2019
HTC plans to launch its second-generation blockchain-focused smartphone before year-end 2019 in an effort to boost its smartphone sales while continuing to expand its blockchain ecosystem,...
Friday 19 April 2019
HTC ties up with blockchain venture capital
HTC has teamed up with Proof of Capital, a blockchain venture capital fund, aiming to deepen the development and expand the global ecosystem of the cryptographic technology.
Thursday 11 April 2019
Nichia wins initial patent infringement lawsuit against HTC in Germany
Nichia has indicated that the District Court of Dusseldorf in Germany in late March 2019 decided that its YAG patent, EP 0 936 682 (German patent code DE 697 02 929), was infringed...
Monday 8 April 2019
HTC revenues up sequentially in March
HTC has reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.313 billion (US$42.59 million) for March 2019, representing a 109.98% increase on month and 52.64% drop on year.
Wednesday 20 March 2019
HTC teams up with Photon to promote VR content services
HTC has tied up with Photon Engine, a cross platform multiplayer game backend service company, to jointly promote its Viveport VR content services, according to a company announcem...
Monday 18 March 2019
HTC reports high EPS for 2018
HTC has reported net profits of NT$12.02 billion (US$390.58 million) for 2018, a significant improvement from a net loss of NT$16.9 billion seen a year earlier. EPS for 2018 stood...