Global supply chain: CE, IPC, automotive
CE, IPC, automotive trends
Thursday 6 June 2024
Qualcomm sees Wi-Fi 7 adoption increase, becoming mainstream by 2H25
Qualcomm has been busy at Computex 2024, cementing its push into the AI PC arena and offering its views on Wi-Fi 7 and other wireless communication technologies. In an interview with...
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Qualcomm CEO backs Arm's claim of 50% market share in Windows PCs in five years
Arm CEO Rene Haas is optimistic that Arm's share in the Microsoft Windows PC market will reach over 50% within the next five years.
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Nvidia crowned as biggest winner at Computex 2024 with four major awards for AI innovations
Nvidia has become the biggest winner at Computex 2024, securing four Best Choice Awards. The event, lauded by Taipei Computer Association (TCA) chairman Paul Peng as a barometer for...
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Different EV strategies polarize Japanese automotive parts suppliers' outlook
The rapid growth of the global battery EV market ended in the second half of 2023.
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Qualcomm confident in its AI PC competitiveness
In the era of AI PCs, Qualcomm believes that the balance between NPU capability, power consumption, and computational capacity will be critical to its success, according to company...
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Sony eyeing bigger automotive CIS market share in China
By collaborating with Horizon Robotics Technology, Sony is vying for a bigger presence in China's automotive CMOS image sensor (CIS) market, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Intel CEO sees AI ethics a big issue in next decade
Self-driving cars are a prime example of how important AI ethics will be in the coming decade, according to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.
Wednesday 5 June 2024
Samsung and LG face rising pressure from Chinese TV brands
South Korea's television giants, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, are reportedly facing mounting pressure from Chinese competitors. Over the past year, Samsung and LG have...
Tuesday 4 June 2024
Gelsinger celebrates AI PC moment at Computex 2024, forecasting Intel's 40th anniversary party in Taiwan next year
Confidently taking the stage at Computex Taiwan 2024, "the heartland of the ecosystem," Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger took a famous quote from Gordon Moore and added onto it by telling...
Tuesday 4 June 2024
Arm CEO sees 100 billion Arm devices for AI by 2025
During the ongoing Computex 2024 in Taipei, Arm CEO Rene Haas gave a keynote address on the significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing.
Tuesday 4 June 2024
TV sales show success in China's first week of 618 promotions
The China 618 mid-year promotion kicked off early on May 20.
Tuesday 4 June 2024
TV panel price increase to halt in June as Chinese manufacturers reduce availability
The recent surge in LCD TV panel prices is nearing its end.
Tuesday 4 June 2024
Computex 2024: Focus on AI servers, AI PCs
This year's Computex is mostly centered on AI-enabled servers and PCs. However, while the opportunities for AI server firms are limitless, the outlook for AI PCs must be carefully...
Tuesday 4 June 2024
Fueled by Apple, SDC's and LGD's tablet OLED shipments saw massive surge
With Apple's launch of the new iPad Pro tablet that features OLED displays, South Korean providers Samsung Display (SDC) and LG Display (LGD) saw a significant increase in their tablet...
Tuesday 4 June 2024
OwlTing CEO Interview: From Taiwanese blockchain startup to cross-border financial service provider
OwlTing, originally a Taiwanese startup using blockchain technologies for farm product resumes and hotelier payment systems, has made remarkable strides in transformation and acquisition...