Wednesday 24 March 2010
Intel to launch two overclockable processors in June and July
Intel plans to launch two processors - Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K - that have unlocked multipliers and are targeting the gaming market, according to sources from motherboard mak...
Friday 5 February 2010
Gigabyte launches P55 motherboard stuffed with extras
Gigabyte has launched a new flagship motherboard for the Intel P55 chipset platform, the GA-P55A-UD7, which continues the tradition of the company's UD7-series of packing as many...
Thursday 19 November 2009
Kingston shipping 12GB DDR3 kits for Core i7
Kingston Technology has announced 12GB triple-channel HyperX memory kits in support of Intel's LGA 1366 Core i7 systems. The DDR3 XMP-ready kit consists of six 2GB modules running...
Thursday 4 June 2009
Computex 2009: Shuttle seeks new opportunities from all-in-one PCs
Wandering the halls of Computex 2009 it does not take long to realize that there has been a recent explosion of vendors trying to tap the all-in-one PC market. All the well-known,...
Thursday 26 February 2009
CeBIT 2009: ASRock to showcase X58-based motherboard
ASRock will showcase the X58 SuperComputer motherboard featuring Intel's latest X58 chipset at CeBIT 2009.
Thursday 15 January 2009
CPU makers postpone DDR3 generation to 2010
Although both Intel and AMD were originally expected to fully transition to DDR3 across their product lines in 2009, with the two players now postponing their DDR3-only chipset schedules,...
Wednesday 19 November 2008
Intel Core i7 processor demand will not pickup until 3Q09, say motherboard makers
Although Intel claims to have already shipped around 100,000 Intel Core i7 CPUs, some motherboard makers point out that due to the impact of the dropping global economy affecting...
Wednesday 19 November 2008
Biostar launches Intel X58-based motherboard
Biostar Microtech International has unveiled a top of the line motherboard for next generation Intel platform-TPower X58 based on Nehalem architecture.
Thursday 23 October 2008
Nvidia lists SLI for Intel Nehalem platform licensees
According to Nvidia, Asustek Computer, EVGA, Micro-Star International (MSI), Gigabyte Technology, and DFI, have all licensed SLI technology for their upcoming motherboards designed...
Friday 3 October 2008
Asustek accounts for 80% of P45-based motherboards shipments, claim company sources
Asustek's P45-based motherboards occupy an 80% share of worldwide shipments, according to sources at the company.
Wednesday 24 September 2008
Asustek cuts P45-based motherboard prices further
Asustek Computer recently cut P45-based motherboard prices further to clear inventory and prepare for the upcoming launch of Intel's Nehalem processors, according to sources at channel...
Thursday 28 August 2008
Nvidia backtracks to authorize native SLI technology support on Intel X58 motherboards
Nvidia will authorize native SLI support on Intel X58 motherboards without the need for its nForce 200 chip, according to Tom Peterson, director of Technical Marketing for MCP products...
Thursday 24 July 2008
Intel brings forward Nehalem launch
Originally scheduled to launch in November or December this year, Intel's Nehalem-based Bloomfield processors will now launch in September along with X58 chipsets, sources at motherboard...
Friday 18 July 2008
Intel Bloomfield CPU pricing reveals pleasant surprise
In order to speed up adoption of quad-core CPUs, Intel is planning to offer its upcoming 3.2GHz Extreme series Bloomfield processor at US$999 in thousand-unit tray quantities, US$500...
Tuesday 24 June 2008
Intel to launch three Nehalem-based processors by the end of 4Q08
Intel plans to launch three Nehalem-based quad-core processors (Bloomfield) at the end of the fourth quarter this year targeting the company's new LGA1366 socket, according to sources...