Monday 8 April 2024
Apple poised to unveil AI App Store at WWDC 2024
The concept of an Apple AI App Store is not entirely new.
Tuesday 2 April 2024
Apple unveils new AI model boosting Siri, rivals GPT-4 in performance
Apple has recently announced a new AI model designed to understand ambiguous references on screens and in conversation contexts.
Thursday 28 March 2024
Apple's annual WWDC set for June 10-14, AI to take center stage
Apple announced that this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be from June 10 to 14. Besides the standard updates to operating systems like the iOS 18, the anticipation...
Friday 9 June 2023
Apple CEO Tim Cook: company has continued to integrate AI functions; users may not always notice it
During the keynote at WWDC 2023, Apple didn't place any special attention on AI. In an interview with ABC News, CEO Time Cook also maintained his previous statements that...
Friday 9 June 2023
Vision Pro's decoupling with metaverse leaves the market with questions
Apple's first mixed reality (MR) headset device Vision Pro was officially unveiled at the WWDC 2023. It features Apple's proprietary visionOS operating system and is expected to be...
Tuesday 6 June 2023
One more thing: what you may have missed in Apple's WWDC 2023
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled its first mixed reality headset VisionPro at the WWDC 2023 keynote on June 5, attracting attention and cheering from Apple fans worldwide. There are some...
Monday 29 May 2023
Apple's MR headset receives attention; rapid growth of AR/VR expected to come two years later
Apple's 2023 WWDC is set to begin on June 5 PT. It's rumored that the long-awaited mixed reality (MR) headset device will be revealed. The MR function can integrate virtual reality...
Wednesday 24 May 2023
Comment: With WWDC approaching, why is Apple repeatedly revealing its hand?
The keynote for the 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to be held on June 5, 10:00 am PT. However, with the presentation less than a month away, Apple has been...
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