Wednesday 11 November 2015
NCC rejects Global Mobile application to renew WiMAX license
Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) on November 10 rejected an application by Global Mobile to renew its WiMAX license which will expire on December 10, 2015, according...
Monday 5 October 2015
NCC cancels approval of Global Mobile changes in infrastructure construction
Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) on October 4 announced the cancellation of its approval of changes in infrastructure construction requested by WiMAX operator Global...
Wednesday 13 May 2015
Taiwan market: Vee TIME to stop WiMAX operations
Taiwan-based WiMAX operator Vee TIME has decided to stop operations due to large cumulative operating losses, according to the company.
Thursday 5 February 2015
Taiwan market: Vee TIME, Vmax Telecom approved for upgrade from WiMAX 1.0 to WiMAX 2.1
Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) has approved applications for upgrading WiMAX technology from version 1.0 to version 2.1 by Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in southern...
Thursday 18 December 2014
Taiwan market: Global Mobile allowed to upgrade to WiMAX 2.1
Taiwan's National Communication Commission (NCC) has approved WiMAX operator Global Mobile's application to upgrade wireless communication technology from WiMAX 1.0 to WiMAX 2.1.
Wednesday 23 April 2014
Vee TIME to spin off WiMAX business
Vee TIME will spin off its WiMAX business operations as a subsidiary, tentatively named Super Corporation, which will issue 100 million new shares to Vee TIME, according to the com...
Thursday 10 April 2014
Vee TIME to merge 2 WiMAX subsidiaries
Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in central and southern Taiwan, on April 9 announced the merger of its two subsidiary WiMAX operators, Tatung InfoComm in central and southern Taiwan and...
Tuesday 1 April 2014
Taiwan 2600MHz frequency release plan objected by WiMAX operators
The Taiwan government plans to release two 2600MHz frequency band units with total bandwidth of 140MHz for FDD LTE and a 2600MHz band unit with bandwidth of 40MHz for TDD LTE, but...
Monday 25 November 2013
Taiwan market: Vee TIME, Vmax enlarging WiMAX coverage
Vee TIME and Vmax Telecom, two WiMAX mobile Internet-access operators in southern and northern Taiwan, respectively, are expanding their WiMAX networks to a target covering 70% of...
Tuesday 10 September 2013
Digitimes Research: WiMAX 2.1 facilitates development of WiMAX toward TD-LTE
The WiMAX Forum at the end of 2012 approved WiMAX 2.1 which features harmonization with LTE-Advanced and thereby is compatible with TD-LTE. This will bring opportunities for existing...
Tuesday 28 May 2013
Taiwan government may allow WiMAX operators to upgrade technology
The Taiwan government is inclined towards allowing WiMAX operators to upgrade technology, for example to LTE, with certain conditions, according to minister without portfolio Simon...
Tuesday 26 February 2013
Taiwan market: Vee TIME plans to compete for 700MHz 4G license
Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in southern Taiwan, is likely to compete for a 700MHz 4G license through open bidding to be held by the National Communications Commission (NCC) by the...
Thursday 6 December 2012
NCC gives green light to Vee TIME investment in 2 WiMAX operators
Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) has approved the investment proposed by Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in the southern region of Taiwan, for a 72.43% stake of Vmax Telecom...
Monday 17 September 2012
Taiwan government yet to decide on inclusion of WiMAX bands in new mobile Internet licenses
As the Taiwan government is expected to approve release of two total bandwidth allocations of 135MHz (one for upload, one for download) for operating mobile access to the Internet...
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