Monday 20 May 2024
Japanese initiative helps semiconductor material startups cross Death Valley
The Japanese government has introduced a Strategic Startup Promotion Plan (SIP) to address the challenges facing material and pharmaceutical startups.
Thursday 16 May 2024
Veolia inaugurates first regeneration plant in China
Veolia Water Technologies, a subsidiary of Veolia and a leading specialist in water treatment technologies and services, announces on May 15 the inauguration of its first ion exchange...
Monday 13 May 2024
Kumamoto Prefecture wants to be home of TSMC's third Japan plant
The newly-elected governor of Kumamoto Prefecture said he's ready to ensure wide-ranging support to woo Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to build its third Japanese chip factory...
Tuesday 7 May 2024
Johor surges as top data center hub in Malaysia amid growing multinational interest
Malaysia's Johor state has emerged as a main hub for data center construction in the country, attributed to its proximity to Singapore, relatively, inexpensive land, water, and electricity...
Tuesday 30 April 2024
Water cooling demands to surge as Nvidia shows AI server TDP will continue rising
Nvidia's GTC 2024 has confirmed the architecture of AI GPU. However, the demand for water cooling is increasing along with the growth of computing power. Where 1,000 watts were deemed...
Monday 15 April 2024
Veolia offers solutions to meet semiconductor industry's needs for sustainability
As many countries are building up their semiconductor supply chains, Veolia Water Technologies, a global leader specializing in water treatment technologies and services, is seeing...
Monday 1 April 2024
New Taiwanese administration to prioritize net zero, energy, talent in tech policy roadmap
President-elect Lai Ching-te has strongly endorsed policy recommendations regarding addressing talent shortage, achieving net zero emissions, and ensuring energy supply, according...
Friday 23 February 2024
How Japan pulled off an early victory in the race to make more chips
When Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. unveiled plans to begin building a new chip fabrication facility in Japan in 2022 and start production in 2024, it looked like an implausibly...
Tuesday 6 February 2024
Taiwan gives water and electricity infrastructure cash boost
Taiwan will inject billions to boost key utility investment programs in 2024.
Friday 15 December 2023
Vietnam semiconductor industry potential (Part 1)


Friday 3 November 2023
Next TSMC plant likely to be in Taiwan, according to DIGITIMES Research
In light of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC) decision to suspend its plans for a new fabrication facility in the Longtan section of Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) due...
Friday 22 September 2023
Rapidus proposes "Hokkaido Silicon Valley" but faces water and energy infrastructure needs

Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Rapidus, which aims to mass-produce 2nm chips, has decided to set up a factory in Chitose City, Hokkaido...

Tuesday 12 September 2023
Watasumi turns sugar from waste water into power for primary food producers in Asia
Okinawa-based startup Watasumi is utilizing its biological technological expertise to convert organic carbon from waste water into energy through bioelectrochemical systems (BES)...
Thursday 24 August 2023
Land, water supply now biggest issue for building new wafer fabs in Japan
TSMC's wafer fab under construction in Kumamoto aligns with the purpose of the Economic Security Promotion Act (ESPA) legislated by the Japanese government in 2022, which highlights...
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