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Tuesday 26 February 2019
China firm reportedly recalls faulty 6-inch silicon wafers
A batch of 6-inch silicon wafers has been recalled recently by a China-based company due to concerns about quality, according industry sources.
Friday 18 January 2019
TSMC to renegotiate prices with wafer suppliers
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has disclosed its intention of renegotiating prices with its silicon wafer suppliers aiming to cut the foundry's manufacturing cos...
Thursday 8 November 2018
Wafer Works net profits hike
Silicon wafer supplier Wafer Works saw its net profits surge 48% sequentially to NT$683 million (US$22.3 million) in the third quarter. Profits for the first three quarters of 2018...
Tuesday 6 November 2018
China crystal-growing furnace makers eyeing semiconductor sector
China-based crystal-growing furnace makers who have long been focusing on the PV industry, have developed tools looking to build their presence in the semiconductor sector, according...
Friday 26 October 2018
Wafer Works opens new plant in China
Silicon wafer supplier Wafer Works has held an opening ceremony on October 26 for its new plant in Zhengzhou, China dedicated to producing 8-inch wafers.
Monday 20 August 2018
GlobalWafers, Wafer Works continue to enjoy strong silicon wafer demand
GlobalWafers has seen customers pay in advance to secure enough silicon wafers beyond 2021, while fellow company Wafer Works has landed orders demanding its supply through 2023, according...
Wednesday 8 August 2018
GlobalWafers net profits almost quadruple in 1H18
Silicon wafer company GlobalWafers has reported net profits surged 282.5% from a year earlier to NT$6.28 billion (US$205.5 million) in the first half of 2018. EPS for the six-month...
Thursday 28 June 2018
Wafer Works kicks off 8-inch wafer manufacturing at new China plant
Wafer Works has recently commenced production at its new plant in Zhengzhou, China dedicated to producing 8-inch wafers, according to company chairman Pat Chiao.
Tuesday 15 May 2018
Silicon wafer shipments hit record high in 1Q18
Worldwide silicon wafer area shipments climbed to a record-high 3.084 billion square inches in the first quarter of 2018, according to SEMI. The shipments represented increases of...
Monday 6 November 2017
Wafer Works 3Q17 profits boom
Silicon wafer supplier Wafer Works has reported net profits of NT$112 million (US$3.71 million) for the third quarter of 2017, which already exceeded the NT$75.74 million generated...
Friday 18 August 2017
Wafer Works expects wafer prices to continue rising on strong demand
Taiwan-based Wafer Works, which makes small- to medium-size semiconductor-grade wafers, expects silicon wafer prices to continue rising on strong demand.
Thursday 27 July 2017
Wafer suppliers to build new 8-inch plants in China
Additional new production capacity for 8-inch silicon wafers is expected to emerge in China, with companies including GlobalWafers and Wafer Works looking to build new plants.
Wednesday 29 March 2017
New Wafer Works China plant to come online in 2018, says report
Taiwan-based silicon wafer supplier Wafer Works is expected to start operating its new plant in Zhengzhou, China which will be dedicated to producing 8-inch wafers in the first quarter...
Wednesday 21 December 2016
Wafer Works to set up 8-inch fab in China
The Shanghai subsidiary of silicon wafer supplier Wafer Works plans to expand its capital by CNY700 million (US$102 million) by selling new shares to a Henan-based industrial development...
Tuesday 21 June 2016
Wafer Works extends to CMOS-use wafers
Wafer Works has extended production from wafers for making power management (PWM) ICs to CMOS process wafers for logic ICs, according to the company.
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