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Wednesday 27 March 2024
Taiwan wafer foundry industry, 1Q24


Tuesday 26 December 2023
TSMC to return to sales growth in 1Q24, but peers to wait longer
TSMC will be the first among its peers in the foundry sector to see sales rebound in the first quarter of 2024, but the others will have to wait longer, according to industry sourc...
Tuesday 19 December 2023
Taiwan MCU suppliers slow wafer starts
Taiwan-based MCU vendors have cut wafer starts at foundries since the fourth quarter of 2023, awaiting a recovery in demand for consumer electronics products, according to industry...
Tuesday 28 November 2023
Pace of recovery to vary for different semiconductor sectors and firms
The semiconductor industry is expected to rebound in 2024, but the pace of recovery will vary from sector to sector and company to company, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 31 October 2023
Chinese foundry gearing up for automotive IC boom
Nexchip Semiconductor, a Chinese mature-node IC foundry, has stepped up its deployment in the automotive IC sector with the opening of a new fab in Hefei specializing in manufacturing...
Thursday 3 August 2023
China foundries enhancing mature node manufacturing capability for automotive chips
Chinese foundries including CanSemi Technology, GTA Semiconductor, and Nexchip Semiconductor have stepped up enhancing their mature-node manufacturing capability for automotive ICs,...
Wednesday 26 July 2023
IC designers hold back wafer start orders amid sluggish prospects
Most Taiwan-based IC-design companies have continued to cut or delay their wafer start orders with the upstream foundry houses as their order visibility from downstream customers...
Wednesday 19 July 2023
South Korea's 8-inch wafer fabs see utilization fall under 50%
The capacity utilization rates of 8-inch wafer fabs in South Korea are halved from their 2022 levels, with the exception of DB Hitek, due to sluggish demand for information technology...
Tuesday 20 June 2023
Chinese IC designers may partner with South Korean foundries
In response to intensifying US-China semiconductor conflicts, the Chinese IC design industry is adopting a "multi-track wafer foundry strategy" and may seek cooperation with South...
Wednesday 24 May 2023
Electricity costs for wafer foundries in Europe and Japan double those in Taiwan, U.S., and South Korea
Semiconductor foundries in Japan and Europe spend at least double the amount of what similar establishments in the U.S., South Korea, and Taiwan do on electricity, according to a...
Tuesday 21 March 2023
IC design houses seek price discounts from foundries
IC design houses continue to seek price reductions from wafer foundries and are hesitant to accept any price increases, according to industry sources.
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