Tuesday 24 October 2023
Taiwan OSATs see partial fab utilization recovery
Several Taiwan-based OSATs, including ChipMOS Technologies, Lingsen Precision Industries, Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE), and Walton Advanced Engineering, have begun to see...
Friday 7 October 2022
Memory chips to see demand recover faster than logic ICs
Memory makers such as Micron Technology and Kioxia are expected to see their business operations undermined by sharp declines in end-market demand for consumer electronics devices...
Monday 27 December 2021
PTI, Micron, Samsung see little impact of Xi'an lockdown on memory production
The ongoing lockdown of the Chinese city of Xi'an in response to a spike in Covid cases will little affect manufacturing operations at plants there operated by Powertech Technology...
Tuesday 13 July 2021
Taiwan 2nd-tier OSATs to embrace bright prospects for 2H21
Taiwan's second-tier IC backend houses are set to embrace brisker business results for the second half of the year thanks to a significant surge in customer orders, after posting...
Monday 5 July 2021
OSATs see significant surge in 2H21 memory backend demand
Taiwan memory backend specialists are optimistic about their business prospects for the second half of the year as memory demand for handset and other consumer electronics applications...
Tuesday 29 June 2021
Nuvoton to improve product mix through acquisition
MCU specialist Nuvoton Technology will be able to improve its product mix, following its acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions (PSCS) and Panasonic's other chipmaking assets,...
Thursday 22 April 2021
ChipMOS to expand backend capacity for memory chips
Backend house ChipMOS Technologies will expand production capacity for memory chips by 30-40% in 2021 to meet strong demand from major memory module makers in Taiwan, according to...
Monday 12 April 2021
Backend demand stays strong for MOSFETs, niche DRAMs
Persistently strong demand for MOSFET chips and niche-type DRAM have kept backend specialists including Walton Advanced Engineering, ChipMos Technologies and GEM Services running...
Wednesday 16 December 2020
Backend firms see strong demand for DDI, NAND controller chips
Taiwan-based backend houses have seen strong demand for display driver ICs and NAND flash controller chips, with clear order visibility through the second quarter of 2021, according...
Monday 7 December 2020
Taiwan backend houses see orders boom
Taiwan backend houses will continue to embrace orders shifted by chipmakers from Chinese peers, as "risk control" has become a major concern among global chipmakers now that the US...
Thursday 28 May 2020
Backend firms see stable demand for NOR flash memory
Memory backend specialists expect stable growth in orders for processing NOR flash chips this year, driven by demand for 5G base stations, and consumer electronics products such as...
Friday 22 May 2020
Memory backend specialists see orders lose momentum
Memory backend specialists have seen customer orders slow down recently, with the orders likely to remain stagnant till June as their clients, mainly makers of memory modules, are...
Monday 26 August 2019
Memory backend firms see bright revenue prospect for 2H19
Taiwan-based memory modules packagers Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE) and ChipMos Technologies are expected to see their revenues pick up month by month in the second half...
Friday 19 July 2019
Taiwan passive components makers actively moving to develop 5G RF, antenna products
Lackluster terminal market demand has prompted Taiwan's leading passive components makers Yageo and Walsin Technology to step up implementing new development roadmaps for the next...
Thursday 27 June 2019
Memory backend firm Walton sees challenging 2019
Walton Advanced Engineering expects 2019 to be a challenging year for the memory backend specialist, citing continued falls in DRAM and NAND flash prices, and increasing uncertainty...
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