Friday 4 August 2023
Taiwan audio IC specialists increase focus on gaming, business PC applications
Taiwanese audio IC manufacturers continue to increase high-end product deployments, targeting gaming and commercial PCs, according to industry sources.
Monday 7 June 2021
TWS headset shipments gain momentum in India
Shipments of TWS (true wireless stereo) devices in the Indian market remained strong in first-quarter 2021 with local brands having a major share, according to Counterpoint Researc...
Wednesday 18 November 2020
TXC sees pre-tax profits more than double
Taiwan-based quartz component supplier TXC has disclosed pre-tax profits hiked over 100% from a year earlier in the first 10 months of 2020.
Tuesday 27 October 2020
TXC sees small-size quartz component shortages
The supply of small-size quartz components is tight, driven by demand for 5G smartphones and Wi-Fi 6 network devices, according to Taiwan-based TXC.
Thursday 28 May 2020
Backend firms see stable demand for NOR flash memory
Memory backend specialists expect stable growth in orders for processing NOR flash chips this year, driven by demand for 5G base stations, and consumer electronics products such as...
Monday 27 April 2020
Luxshare sees revenues, profit growing but risks mounting
China-based Luxshare Precision Industry has reported its 2019 revenues and profit both grew robustly, but it faces the risk of relying too much on a single client, presumably Apple,...
Friday 13 March 2020
Apple still looks to ship 90 million AirPods in 2020
Apple has not revised downward its shipment forecast for AirPods devices, and is expected to stick its goal of shipping 90 million units in 2020, an increase of 50% from a year earlier,...
Friday 6 March 2020
Production of entry-level AirPod Pro to resume momentum in 2Q20, says sources
Production of an entry-level version of Apple's AirPods device is expected to resume momentum by the end of first quarter or early in the second quarter of 2020, according to upstream...
Tuesday 18 February 2020
Production of entry-level AirPods Pro devices may be delayed, say sources
Production of an entry-level version of Apple's AirPods Pro now looks unable to kick off in early second-quarter 2020 as planned due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to sources...
Tuesday 18 February 2020
TWS earphone market feeling the pinch of coronavirus outbreak
The global market for TWS earbuds and other devices has been expected to expand sharply in 2020, but certain component shortages due to the coronavirus outbreak are hitting its supply...
Monday 20 January 2020
Cell battery makers keen on capacity ramps to meet rising demand from TWS earbud sector
A number of lithium-ion battery makers in Germany, China and Taiwan are mulling expanding their production capacities for button cells to cash in on increasing demand from the TWS...