Friday 16 February 2024
Is Apple falling behind in generative AI development?
2023 saw ChatGPT take over every major media platform, making OpenAI a prominent figure in the tech world. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, has also garnered lots of attentio...
Thursday 26 March 2020
Qualcomm unveils next-generation ultra-low power Bluetooth audio SoCs
Qualcomm Technologies International has announced its next generation of ultra-low-power Bluetooth SoCs, optimized for use in true wireless earbuds and hearables.
Monday 2 March 2020
LG unveils V60 dual-screen phone
LG Electronics has introduced the V60 ThinQ dual-screen smartphone featuring 5G connectivity, upgraded audio, video and photo capabilities and updated software experiences.
Thursday 14 December 2017
Truly Opto shifts focus to automotive applications
China-based flat panel maker Truly Opto-Electronics has shifted the focus of its production away from handset panels to automotive displays due to emerging business opportunities...
Friday 17 November 2017
More Android smartphone vendors to adopt 3D sensing for new models
Android smartphone vendors including Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi Technology are expected to equip 3D sensing functionality to their new models slated for launch in 2018, according to...
Thursday 8 June 2017
China AMOLED panel capacity expansion forecast, 2016-2020
One of the hottest areas of investment in the display panel industry in 2017 is coming from the AMOLED sector, with China being ground zero for capacity expansion. According to Digitimes...
Monday 5 December 2016
Truly Opto-Electronics poised to produce AMOLED panels
China-based touch panel maker Truly Opto-Electronics has produced 5.7-inch sample AMOLED panels at an existing factory acquired from Samsung Display, with such panels under trial...
Tuesday 9 August 2016
Truly Opto-Electronics to ship 10 million fingerprint sensor modules in 3Q16
China-based Truly Opto-Electronics is expected to ship 10 million fingerprint sensor modules in the third quarter of 2016 and ramp up shipments to 45 million units for all of the...
Monday 11 July 2016
Digitimes Research: Truly more likely to buy Samsung Display 7G LCD equipment
Samsung Display will dispose of 7G TFT-LCD production equipment by the end of 2016 and China-based LCD module maker Truly Semiconductors is more likely than panel makers BOE Technology...
Friday 6 February 2015
Sony looks to China-based Truly for OGS solutions
Truly Optoelectronics is expected to increase one glass solution (OGS) touch panel supply to Sony in 2015, making it one of the main handset touch panel suppliers to the vendor.
Wednesday 4 February 2015
Truly aims to expand presence in touch panel market
Truly Optoelectronics aims to expand its presence in the touch panel market in 2015 through increased production of OGS solutions for non-smartphone products, according to the comp...
Wednesday 3 December 2014
Truly Optoelectronics offers total solutions for smart wearable devices
China-based touch panel maker Truly Optoelectronics has developed total solutions for use in smart wearable devices, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.
Thursday 4 September 2014
Truly to expand production capacity for touch panels in September
Truly Optoelectronics is expected to expand production capacity for touch panels by the end of September 2014.
Thursday 10 July 2014
Handset vendors expected to continue releasing large-size units ranging from 5- to 6-inch in 2H14
Handset vendors are expected to continue releasing large-size units ranging from 5- to 6-inch in the second half of 2014 into 2015, according to Truly Optoelectronics.
Thursday 3 July 2014
Samsung sells 4.5G production facilities to Truly
Truly Optoelectronics has purchased 4.5G production facilities from Samsung Display that will be shipped to China for producing small- to medium-size LCD panels.
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