Tuesday 26 March 2024
As passive components enter new cycle, manufacturers don't want to miss out on AI
The passive component sector expects a significant recovery period to start after the second quarter of 2024, possibly even in the second half of 2024.
Friday 26 January 2024
Thinking Electronic steps up deployment in automotive sector
Passive component industry experts project a noticeable industry rebound after the second quarter or the second half of this year. Most firms are looking to automotive applications...
Wednesday 9 August 2023
Thinking Electronic putting increased focus on automotive
Circuit protection device specialist Thinking Electronic Industrial has increased its focus on automotive device applications, with the segment poised to account for 18% of the company's...
Thursday 3 August 2023
Protective component suppliers upbeat about demand for AI servers, EVs
Protective component suppliers are optimistic about demand for AI servers and electric vehicles (EV), with a growing emphasis on the mid- to high-end market segments, according to...
Thursday 15 June 2023
Thinking Electronic expects double-digit revenue growth in 2023
Circuit protection device specialist Thinking Electronic Industrial has maintained its double-digit revenue growth target for 2023, with sequential sales increases beginning in May,...
Wednesday 10 May 2023
Thinking Electronic expects gradual recovery in passive component market
A gradual recovery is expected to take place in the passive component market in the second half of 2023, according to circuit protection device specialist Thinking Electronic Indus...
Monday 8 May 2023
Is it wishful thinking for Samsung to outpace Nvidia in AI server processors?
For the first time ever, Samsung Electronics recently has bluntly publicized that its own AI server processors will surpass Nvidia's, but industry observers said regarding its major...
Friday 9 December 2022
Yageo, Thinking see sensor components as new growth driver
Passive component suppliers Yageo and Thinking Electronic Industrial have put a growing focus on their sensor products, such as temperature sensors, industrial and other niche-market...
Tuesday 30 August 2022
Commodity MLCC, chip resistor inventory swelling
Passive component makers have seen their commodity MLCC and chip resistor inventory swell since the second half of this year, as a result of sluggish demand for consumer electronics...
Wednesday 13 July 2022
Protective component maker Thinking eyeing more niche-market apps
Circuit protection device specialist Thinking Electronic Industrial will intensify deployments in EV, medical care and other niche-market applications while shifting more focus away...
Wednesday 22 December 2021
Protective component maker Thinking sees order visibility extended to 2H22
Circuit protection device specialist Thinking Electronic Industrial has seen clear order visibility through the second half of 2022, with its B/B (book to bill) ratio staying above...
Wednesday 25 August 2021
Protective component maker Thinking enjoys brisk orders
Circuit protection device specialist Thinking Electronics Industrial has seen order visibility extend to the end of this year, with delivery lead times prolonged to 6-8 weeks, according...
Wednesday 14 July 2021
Protective components vendors see car applications power revenue gains
Taiwan's protective components makers are expected to see their third-quarter revenues grow sequentially on strong demand for automotive applications, with their order visibility...
Tuesday 4 May 2021
Automotive protective component demand promising
Taiwan-based circuit protection component suppliers including Thinking Electronic Industrial, Polytronics Technology (PTTC) and Fuzetec Technology all expect sales generated from...
Monday 29 March 2021
MOSFETs, protective devices badly needed for car, consumer applications
Demand for discrete power components such as MOSFET and rectifier diodes as well as TVS (transient voltage surge suppressor) and ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection devices is...
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