Wednesday 29 November 2023
Shifting gears: dynamics of investment in EV production and supply chains in the global automotive landscape
Supply chain experts note a deceleration in major carmakers' investments in electric vehicle (EV) self-production projects. This shift is attributed not only to considerations of...
Wednesday 22 November 2023
The current state and future of autonomous driving technology
In less than 40 years since the inception of the first self-driving car, we have witnessed significant progress and changes in the automotive industry. However, the journey toward...
Wednesday 22 November 2023
Tesla's price increases fuel speculation in the Chinese market
Tesla raised prices for its Model 3 and Model Y in China at the end of October, marking the third price increase within 3 weeks. Tesla may raise prices again soon. There are various...
Monday 20 November 2023
Tesla sees Model 3 fault rate rise due to lack of service intervals
According to the latest report from TUV SUD, the fault rate of a Tesla Model 3 will surpass the average after being used for two to three years. The vehicle was ranked at the bottom...
Monday 20 November 2023
BYD’s Tesla rival leads new EV launches at Guangzhou Auto Show
China's top-selling automaker BYD Co.'s unveiling of its long-awaited rival to Tesla Inc.'s Model Y — the Sea Lion 07 — led a slew of new vehicle launches at this year's...
Monday 20 November 2023
Semco to set up auto camera hub in Mexico for North American carmakers
Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Semco) is gearing up to establish a production base for automotive electronic camera modules in Mexico, eyeing key North American clients such as Tesla.
Wednesday 15 November 2023
Tesla's humanoid robot dream: Could Taiwanese suppliers play a crucial role?
Tesla's unveiling of its humanoid robot prototype after just two years of development has sparked a new era of competition in robotics. Tech giants like Intel, Nvidia, and Meta are...
Wednesday 8 November 2023
India reportedly to fast-track approving Tesla investment plan
To encourage Tesla to invest in making electric vehicles (EVs), India may accelerate the approval process for the EV maker in January 2024 during a potential visit by US President...
Monday 30 October 2023
Tesla woes bolster appeal of top China EV maker BYD: Tech Watch
BYD Co. is rapidly closing in on Tesla Inc. as the world's biggest seller of pure electric vehicles, with surging profits underscoring its sales clout despite intensifying competition...
Friday 27 October 2023
Tesla reverses China price cut, adding $2,000 to Model Y variant
Tesla Inc. raised the price of its Model Y Performance sport-utility vehicle by around $2,000 in China on Friday, according to its local website, reversing a reduction made only in...
Friday 20 October 2023
Toyota joins the crowd to adopt Tesla charging connector in 2025
Toyota Motor announced on October 19 that it will adopt Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) in North America, just like Ford, General Motors, and many other competitors...
Thursday 19 October 2023
Tesla to deliver Cybertruck in November while margin keeps going down
EV giant Tesla saw its profit margins decline further in the third quarter of 2023 mainly because of the increased expenses on Cybertrucks and other R&D projects. The company...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
Tesla calls for tougher US fuel economy rules opposed by rivals
Tesla Inc. is calling for President Joe Biden's administration to sharply increase fuel economy standards, and also to wind down a program allowing automakers to offset sales of gas-powered...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
US sees Tesla charging connector adoption grow while Japan starts testing in-road EV charging
The availability of charging infrastructure is one of the hurdles EVs must cross before full-scale adoption arrives. In the US, more carmakers said they will use Tesla's charging...
Friday 6 October 2023
Hyundai, Kia the latest carmakers to adopt Tesla's charging port in North America
Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) keeps gaining traction. Hyundai Motor and its affiliated Kia announced on October 5 that they will integrate NACS ports into their...
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