Monday 8 January 2024
TEL boosts new hire salaries by 40%, aims to tackle work conditions for female staff in semiconductor industry
Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL), a prominent Japan-based semiconductor equipment manufacturer, is set to raise the salaries of all new employees by approximately 40% starting in April...
Tuesday 2 January 2024
TEL thrives with 40% of revenue from China despite US and Japan export controls
Japan-based semiconductor equipment manufacturer Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) is expected to generate around 40% of its annual revenue, estimated at JPY 700 billion (US$5 billion),...
Friday 21 July 2023
Tokyo Electron: AI chip equipment demand will boom in 1H24
Japanese semiconductor equipment maker Tokyo Electron (TEL) pointed out that the trend of generative AI like ChatGPT has already driven the demand for semiconductor equipment. Despite...
Friday 14 July 2023
TEL sees robust equipment demand for generative AI and datacenter apps
Semiconductor demand is expected to enter a recovery phase in the second half of 2023 while inventory adjustments will remain the key for progress, Toshiki Kawai, president of Japan's...
Wednesday 15 March 2023
Tokyo Electron broadens talent investment in Taiwan with new training center
Japan-based semiconductor equipment maker Tokyo Electron (TEL) is strengthening its investment in Taiwan, expecting to complete the construction of its operation office in Tainan,...
Monday 28 November 2022
TEL breaks ground to build Tainan operations center
The world's third larget semiconductor equipment manufacturer, Tokyo Electron (TEL), held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Tainan operations center on November 25 in Tainan. The...
Thursday 15 September 2022
Semiconductor firms TSMC and TEL go all out to get talent
As semiconductor companies are busy building new fabs in Asia and also in Europe and the US, talent shortage is becoming a big headache. How desperate are semiconductor companies...
Thursday 7 July 2022
Asia IC50: TEL CEO Kawai achieves mid-term goals before schedule and remains optimistic over future growth
Tokyo Electron (TEL), Asia's largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer, is also the world's third-largest. It not only enjoyed extraordinary growth in 2021, and achieved record...
Monday 2 November 2020
MediaTek announces chipmaking equipment purchases
Mobile SoC specialist MediaTek has announced over NT$1 billion (US$35 million) worth of fab tools that the fabless chipmaker will spend for its chip production.
Tuesday 29 September 2020
Providing diverse and complete solutions, TEL continues to break through advanced semiconductor process technology
In addition to process technology which enhances the performance of semiconductor devices by scaling, 3D and heterogeneous integration has led to the development of various new structures...
Friday 15 May 2020
Chinese IC equipment makers revving up to serve domestic demand
China's homegrown semiconductor equipment makers are gearing up to develop diverse frontend and backend IC process equipment in line with the government efforts to boost self-sufficiency...
Wednesday 18 September 2019
TEL expanding the root in Taiwan with talent, technology, and supply chain optimization
The continuous process scaling and moving toward heterogeneous integration have enabled the vigorous innovation in the semiconductor industry in the post-Moore's Law era, which in...
Friday 14 September 2018
TEL deepens collaboration with customers to embrace opportunities in AI era
The emergence and convergence of AI, IoT, cloud, and autonomous driving technologies have brought tremendous opportunities to the semiconductor industry. However, as the process technology...
Tuesday 6 June 2017
TSMC orders equipment for NT$3 billion
Pure-play foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) on June 5 disclosed a total of about NT$3.09 billion (US$102.8 million) spent on machinery equipment from ASML,...
Wednesday 25 April 2012
Japan semiconductor equipment firms gain share in 2011, says The Information Network
Japan-based semiconductor equipment suppliers gained share against US manufacturers in 2011 despite a weak Japanese Yen, The Information Network has observed.