Monday 6 June 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (3): Risk of hacking a car is much higher than a cell phone, Karamba Security says
Vehicle cybersecurity has become more likely at stake as cars enable connectivity. Karamba Security, an Israel-based startup, offers end-to-end solutions covering product security...
Thursday 2 June 2022
QIC Inside Investor Relation Series (9): How to construct an IR plan?
Planning an efficient and effective IR program is one of the most important responsibilities of IRO and investor relations team at any company. Based on our hybrid experience working...
Thursday 2 June 2022
Metaverse Research (3): Metaverse culture – What it is and how it can change the world
How do you define a culture? Culture can be reflected in both materials (lifestyle, fashion, aesthetic tastes) and...
Thursday 2 June 2022
Manufacturing has become most popular target of hackers, says TXOne Networks
Bolstering operational technology (OT) security is a budding awareness among semiconductor suppliers, as the manufacturing industry has become the most popular target of hackers,...
Thursday 2 June 2022
InnoVEX 2022 returns in hybrid format, showcasing innovations and ingenuity in latest tech trends
The innovation hub of Asia, InnoVEX has returned in 2022 in its first hybrid online/onsite format. The onsite event was held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX 1) from May...
Tuesday 31 May 2022
Innovation to accelerate space explorations: Q&A with Tensor Tech co-founder and CEO Thomas Yen
Space technology has become one of the hot topics recently, with Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Citi Group all forecasting the revenues of the space tech industry will hit US$1...
Tuesday 31 May 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (2): Every vehicle should meet fighter jet defense standards, says GuardKnox
With the global automotive industry moving towards full electrification, future vehicles are positioned to offer increasing levels of autonomy and connectivity, and cybersecurity...
Friday 27 May 2022
China security surveillance market boom buoys SmartSens
The expanding security surveillance market in China continues to boost the shipments of CMOS image sensor (CIS) chips from Chinese CIS startup SmartSens Technology, which has entered...
Friday 27 May 2022
Semiconductor, EV battery startups highlighted at Computex 2022
Computex 2022 has spotlighted 18 startup teams with innovations about semiconductor, electric vehicle (EV) and other areas. The teams are expected to attract a total of NT$1 billion...
Tuesday 17 May 2022
WeavAir looking for specialized sensory chips suppliers for fully automated air-monitoring solution
Aware of the air quality and the impact of exhaust emissions since her days studying Ph.D., Natalia Mykhaylova and her team at WeavAir created an analytics tool to help clients in...
Tuesday 17 May 2022
BujiBui makes 3D digital twins accessible anywhere
Utilizing 3D digital twins to operate facilities has become common for enterprises. BujiBui, a Canada-based startup, levels up its digital twins by offering mobile access. The company...
Friday 13 May 2022
Metaverse Research (1): Why metaverse matters: Business opportunities and beyond
Why does metaverse matter? The short answer is that metaverse presents a generational opportunity for businesses, investors, and individuals. The article aims to answer the fundamental...
Thursday 12 May 2022
Israeli Auto Cybersecurity Startups (1): Most vehicles today are not developed with cybersecurity in mind, says Cybellum
Electric vehicles (EVs) are at the center of the world's push toward a decarbonized future, and the importance of cybersecurity in the automotive domain is without question.
Friday 6 May 2022
Canada's Kat Innovation works on bone recovery device
Canadian startup Kat Innovation aims to develop a medical device to help hip surgery patients recover faster by stimulating their bone formation. It seeks to work with hospitals in...
Thursday 5 May 2022
Indian TaaS startup gogoBus wants to expand to SE Asia with partners
Indian Transport as a Solution (TaaS) startup aims to expand to Southeast Asia and MENA as these regions have conditions similar to India. Speaking to DIGITIMES Asia recently, Avinash...