Wednesday 10 April 2024
SpaceX contract to supply Starlink in Ukraine worth US$23 million
The Pentagon revealed that its contract to deploy Elon Musk's Starlink terminals in Ukraine is worth $23 million, finally putting a dollar figure on a deal that has embroiled one...
Wednesday 10 April 2024
Starlink connects Southeast Asia's skies
SpaceX's satellite communication service, Starlink, has embarked on an ambitious expansion journey, with a keen focus on penetrating the lucrative Southeast Asian market. The service...
Thursday 14 March 2024
SpaceX will attempt third starship rocket launch on Thursday
Elon Musk's SpaceX received the go-ahead to launch its giant Starship rocket a third time, four months after its last test ended in an href=""...
Tuesday 5 March 2024
Can Taiwan catch up with the LEO satellite boom?
The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite industry will continue to thrive in 2024 as SpaceX plans to exceed its nearly 100 rocket launches in 2023, with a forecast of 144 launches this...
Tuesday 5 March 2024
SpaceX's Starlink struggles to secure Vietnam deal amid ownership concerns
In the high-stakes world of satellite communication, SpaceX finds itself entangled in a diplomatic deadlock as it seeks to roll out its Starlink service in Vietnam. Despite months...
Tuesday 27 February 2024
SpaceX gets list of starship upgrades needed before launch
US air safety regulators concluded a mishap investigation into SpaceX's most recent Starship href=""...
Thursday 15 February 2024
SpaceX rocket lifts off With US craft bound for Moon landing
A SpaceX rocket blasted off Thursday carrying a US firm's spacecraft on a mission to land on the moon and end America's 50-year lull.
Thursday 15 February 2024
Satellite frontier: the rise of industry-savvy agents
In April 2023, Taiwan's Ministry of Digital Affairs unveiled the outcomes of the initial round of reviews for telecommunications firms vying for commercial satellite communication...
Tuesday 6 February 2024
China startup aims to close gap with SpaceX in reusable rockets
A Chinese startup has set an ambitious timetable in the country's race to develop reusable rockets, a technology pioneered by SpaceX and used by Elon Musk's company to lower costs...
Tuesday 6 February 2024
Competing in the satellite race: strategies for Taiwanese enterprises
The contours of the low-Earth orbit(LEO) satellite industry are gradually coming into focus, presenting both opportunities and challenges for Taiwanese enterprises.
Thursday 1 February 2024
Taiwan's LEO satellite suppliers gear up as SpaceX increases Asia orders
SpaceX is looking to expand its orders in Asia, and Taiwan's LEO satellite suppliers are ready.
Thursday 11 January 2024
From components to cosmos: the evolving landscape of the satellite supply chain in 2024
A new star war is unfolding. Sprawling satellite constellations are taking shape in low-Earth orbit(LEO), heralding the dawn of a new era in space-based connectivity.
Tuesday 2 January 2024
China's celestial ambitions soar: unveiling plans for massive satellite constellation rivaling SpaceX
In a monumental stride towards satellite supremacy, China has secured its position as the world's second-largest satellite operator. As Europe and the United States witness the ascent...
Thursday 28 December 2023
Free-space optics indispensable as Taiwan's satellite development gains a military dimension
With photonic integrated circuits, above all silicon photonics, seeing a wave of industry hype owing to their vast potential in the datacom and telecom applications, relevant suppliers...
Tuesday 19 December 2023
You too may one day have your own satellite: Tim Culpan
The Space Race, launched more than 60 years ago, kickstarted an unprecedented boom in travel and communications beyond our planet. But it was a realm only available to national governments...
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