Monday 21 June 2021
Planned strike at Samsung Display unlikely to affect AMOLED supply
The supply of AMOLED panels by Samsung Display (SDC) for production of Apple's next-generation iPhone devices slated for launch in the latter half of 2021 is unlikely to be affected...
Wednesday 2 June 2021
Korea firms to increase capex for 5G infrastructure in 2021-2022, says Digtimes Research
The amounts of capex set by Korea's top-three telecom operators, SK Telecom (SKT), Korea Telecom (KT) and LG U+, in 2021 and 2022, respectively, will be higher than those seen in...
Monday 8 March 2021
5G service penetration rates expanding in China, Korea, and US
The number of 5G service subscribers in China, Korea and the US has reached 315 million recently, Digitimes Research has found.
Friday 15 November 2019
Korea 5G service subscribers to top 5 million by year-end 2019
The number of 5G service subscribers in South Korea is expected to reach over five million by the end of 2019, a significant growth from four million at the end of July, according...
Monday 7 October 2019
Chinese vendors to outrace Korean rivals for 5G phone shipments in 1Q20
China-based handset vendors are expected to be able to ramp up their 5G phone shipments significantly in the first quarter of 2020, outracing combined shipments from rival Korean...
Monday 11 March 2019
SK Telecom to lead initial commercial 5G operations in Korea
As Korea will adopt 4G LTE-based non-standalone (NSA) architecture for its initial commercial 5G operations, SK Telecom (SKT) will have a competitive advantage over fellow companies...
Thursday 6 December 2018
Samsung Display to shift one 8.5G LCD fab for QD-OLED panels in mid-2019, say sources
Samsung Display reportedly plans to convert one of its 8.5G LCD fabs, the L8-1, into a production base for the development of QD-OLED (quantum dot-OLED) panels with the transition...
Monday 20 August 2018
China vendors set to dethrone Korea brands in global smartphone market
The second quarter of 2018 marked for the first time that China-based Huawei has outraced Apple to second place in the global smartphone market, according to IDC data. With that performance,...
Friday 27 July 2018
LG Display sees losses widen in 2Q18
LG Display saw its operating losses widen to KRW228 billion (US$203.6 million) in the second quarter of 2018 compared to those of KRW98 billion a quarter earlier and operating profits...
Friday 22 June 2018
LG Display 10.5G line to produce OLED panels directly
LG Display (LGD) has reportedly decided to produce OLED panels directly at its upcoming 10.5G fab (P10) in Paju without going through the production of LCD panels at its early stage...
Wednesday 27 December 2017
Korea-based Silicon Works ramping up revenues, says Digitimes Research
Korea-based LCD driver IC vendor Silicon Works will see its revenues for all of 2017 surpass the KRW468.7 billion (US$435.89 million) it recorded a year earlier, buoyed by increasing...
Tuesday 19 December 2017
Colorful expects rising revenues in 2017
Colorful Technology expects its revenues to rise on year in 2017 thanks to graphics card and motherboard demand from the gaming market and the cryptocurrency mining fad. As for 2018,...
Thursday 14 December 2017
Digitimes Research: Korea pushing 5G commercialization
The South Korea government has set an ambitious goal to grab a larger pie of the global 5G market as it calculates that its 5G hardware and software market is expected to grow at...
Friday 20 October 2017
Colorful motherboard shipments to reach 2.8 million units in 2017, 3 million in 2018
China-based Colorful is expected to ship 2.8 million motherboards globally in 2017 and the volumes are estimated to rise to three million in 2018, fueled by its entry into South Korea's...
Monday 4 September 2017
Digitimes Research: FTTH fixed-line broadband service enjoys highest growth in Korea
For the four types of high-speed fixed-line services - FTTH, FTTB+LAN, HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) and xDSL - currently available in Korea, the number of FTTH service subscribers increased...