Wednesday 9 November 2011
Taiwan solar firms report falling October revenues
Taiwan-based solar firms have been reporting declining October revenues with Gintech and Solartech outperforming peers with on-month decreases of less than 10%. Motech reported October...
Wednesday 2 November 2011
Price competition between China and South Korea solar firms heats up
Price competition between China- and South Korea-based solar firms continues to heat up, putting pressure on Taiwan-based solar firms. Industry sources indicated that average quotes...
Friday 7 October 2011
PV Taiwan 2011: An exhibition with an uplifting atmosphere
The annual PV Taiwan 2011 taking place in Taipei from October 5-7 features many industry leading firms such as Siemens, GCL-Poly, OCI and Roth&Rau. The exhibition is divided into...
Tuesday 4 October 2011
Capacity utilization of solar firms is expected to fall in 4Q11
The solar market experienced a slow return of demand in third quarter. The average capacity utilization of solar firms in greater China region has been around 60%. Due to weather...
Friday 2 September 2011
Falling 2Q11 gross margins plague cross-strait solar firms
China-based solar firms have been reporting relatively good gross margins compared with Taiwan-based counterparts.
Wednesday 31 August 2011
Solar wafer gross margins contract significantly, says SAS president
Demand for semiconductor has been steady, according to Doris Hsu, president of Taiwan-based Sino-American Silicon (SAS). As for the solar businesses, the magnitude of price falls...
Tuesday 30 August 2011
E-Ton reports 2H11 net loss of NT$4.77 per share
Taiwan-based solar cell firm E-Ton Solar reported revenues of NT$5.424 billion (US$187 million) for the first half of 2011. Net losses were NT$2.039 billion, representing NT$4.77...
Tuesday 16 August 2011
Solar customers demanding higher conversion efficiency
Solar cell prices have been stable in August, but customers are becoming more demanding in terms of quality, according to industry sources. Some customers have been requesting for...
Tuesday 16 August 2011
Germany solar market to thrive throughout 3Q-4Q11
Demand from the solar markets in Germany and Italy has been increasing, according to industry sources, However, some customers have been requesting for low prices, with solar firms...
Tuesday 9 August 2011
Delsolar reports 1H11 net loss
Despite a booming first quarter, the solar industry suffered from weak demand in the second quarter of 2011. Taiwan-based solar cell maker Delsolar has reported revenues reached NT$5,713...
Tuesday 2 August 2011
July performance of solar firms likely to show growth
Settled incentive programs in Italy and Germany has been helping solar firms in July sales. Solartech reported July revenues of NT$1.07 billion (US$37 million) with a 9.52% on-month...
Monday 1 August 2011
Solar demand in Germany and Italy heating up
Downstream solar power system firms indicate the rebound of demand in Germany and Italy has been thriving in comparison of the market conditions in the second quarter of 2011. However,...
Thursday 28 July 2011
Solar cell prices to rise 3-5% in August
Solar cell makers have notified clients that August quotes will go up by 3-5% to reflect the rising cost of production materials, according to industry sources.
Thursday 28 July 2011
Solar cell conversion efficiency below 16.4% facing below-market prices
The market condition of solar cells has been rebounding but continues to be dominated by the demand side. The procurement terms have been tough and use of a conversion efficiency...
Friday 15 July 2011
Italy "Made in EU" policy to benefit Taiwan-based solar cell makers
Italy recently announced details of its new incentive program for second half of 2011. According to Europe-based solar firms, solar products that contain 60% of components such as...