Wednesday 1 February 2023
China's possibly restricting exports of solar-grade wafers may push up international prices
The Chinese government is mulling to place restrictions on exports of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers and related technology, and this is likely to push up international prices...
Monday 20 August 2018
Taiwan solar wafer makers ill-equipped to cope with adverse market conditions
China-based solar poly-Si wafer makers, facing intensifying pressure from mono-Si wafer suppliers and sharp drops in demand from the domestic market in the wake of a China plan to...
Friday 27 July 2018
Taiwan solar-grade poly-Si makers request government to mark up feed-in tariff rate
Taiwan-based solar-grade polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) wafer makers recommend that Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) mark up feed-in tariff rate by 9% as an incentive to motivate...
Thursday 12 July 2018
Taiwan makers under pressure from China restrictions on PV installation
China's latest move to impose stricter control on PV installations has sent a chilling wave across the domestic market, and in turn created pressure on Taiwan-based solar power supply...
Wednesday 4 July 2018
China makers preparing for quasi-mono-Si wafer production
Main China-based solar poly-Si wafer makers are preparing for quasi-mono-Si wafer production to compete with mono-Si wafer makers, according to industry sources.
Monday 30 April 2018
LONGi lowers solar mono-Si wafer prices
China-based LONGi Green Energy Technology has lowered quotes for 0.18mm solar mono-Si wafers from US$0.62 per unit to US$0.61, and fellow makers are expected to follow suit, according...
Tuesday 24 April 2018
China solar mono-Si wafer makers expand production in Yunnan
Major China-based solar mono-Si wafer makers have constructed additional production capacities in the western province of Yunnan, where abundant hydraulic power enhances competitiveness...
Friday 2 March 2018
LONGi lowers solar mono-Si wafer prices
The largest China-based solar mono-Si wafer maker LONGi Green Energy Technology has lowered quotes by 5-6%, with pricing per wafer for overseas markets dropping from US$0.67 to US$0.63,...
Tuesday 16 January 2018
China, Taiwan PV makers see weak demand
China-based vertically integrated PV makers and Taiwan-based solar cell makers have seen weakened demand mainly because a rush to construct distributed PV systems in China to qualify...
Friday 12 January 2018
China solar firms keen to adopt MCCE
China-based solar firms are keen on adopting MCCE (metal-catalyzed chemical etching) to treat the surface of diamond wire cut (DWC) poly-Si wafers, while Taiwan makers have mostly...
Tuesday 9 January 2018
Solar wafer production to see over-capacity by year-end 2018
Global solar wafer production capacity is expected to increase to 165GWp by year-end 2018, exceeding that of 145GWp for solar cells, according to industry sources.
Friday 5 January 2018
China polysilicon prices to remain stable till mid-February
Mainstream prices for polysilicon in the China market stand at CNY155-156 (US$23.7-23.8)/kg at present and will remain unchanged until mid-February 2018 mainly because supply is tight,...
Wednesday 3 January 2018
China solar firms moving to areas offering lower power prices
Many China-based polysilicon and solar wafer makers have been keen on setting up plants in the country's northwestern and southwestern regions where lower power prices sharply reduce...
Monday 25 December 2017
First-tier China solar mono-Si wafer makers under pricing pressure
First-tier China-based solar mono-Si wafer makers have been under pressure from clients seeking lower prices but they are striving to maintain their quotes, according to industry...
Thursday 14 December 2017
Consolidation seen among China solar poly-Si wafer makers
China-based solar-grade poly-Si wafer makers face a wave of cnsolidation as many of them have either gone bankrupt or seen financial difficulties.
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