Tuesday 4 June 2024
Chinese chipmakers step up SiC production expansion
Chinese foundries including United Nova Technology and Silan, along with substrate suppliers, such as SICC, have all increased their Silicon Carbide (SiC) production capacity.
Monday 15 April 2024
China-based SICC becomes second-largest SiC wafer provider globally
As silicon carbide (SiC) substrates continued to evolve toward larger sizes, the 200mm substrate has become a hotly contested technology field.
Wednesday 21 February 2024
Chinese tier-1 SiC substrate suppliers launch price war
China considers the third generation of semiconductors as the dominant industry that can outperform its global competitors. The silicon carbide (SiC) industry achieved significant...
Wednesday 3 January 2024
Chinese factories address SiC material pain points, could break through G2 limitations
China's third-generation silicon carbide (SiC) crystal growth plants have effectively caught up with international giants in 2023 and vigorously expanded their production. In 2024,...
Wednesday 4 October 2023
SiC demand for EVs to boom
Infineon Technologies has secured sufficient long-term silicon carbide (SiC) supplies for electric vehicles (EV), anticipating that within five years the consumption of SiC compound...
Monday 4 September 2023
Infineon certifies automotive-grade SiC from China-based suppliers
Infineon's German headquarters confirmed to DIGITIMES that it had certified the automotive-grade SiC produced by China-based material suppliers SICC and TankeBlue earlier than expected...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
SICC, TankeBlue step up 8-inch SiC deployment
China's SICC and TankeBlue Semiconductor, reportedly Infineon's two Chinese suppliers, have stepped up their deployment in the 8-inch silicon carbide (SiC) wafer segment, according...
Tuesday 23 May 2023
China SiC price trend hard to judge after makers land long-term orders
It remains hard to judge when Chinese suppliers of silicon carbide (SiC) substrates and wafers will launch a price reduction campaign after some of them have secured long-term supply...
Friday 5 May 2023
IGBT, SiC, GaN see heating competition in terminal applications
Power semiconductor devices such as SiC MOSFETs, IGBT, and GaN are experiencing increasingly fierce competition in EV, charging pile, energy storage, and renewable energy applications,...
Friday 5 May 2023
China suppliers land 6-inch SiC orders from automotive IDMs, tier-1 suppliers
Chinese silicon carbide (SiC) companies including SICC and TankeBlue Semiconductor have secured contracts to supply 6-inch SiC materials to international automotive IDMs and tier-one...
Wednesday 8 March 2023
China supply chain players see little impact of Tesla SiC cut
Though taken aback by Tesla announcing a 75% cut in SiC demand for its future vehicles, China's SiC substrate suppliers including SICC and Tony Electronic have indicated their production...
Tuesday 7 February 2023
China SiC semiconductor companies see losses in 2022
Several Chinese firms involved in the domestic silicon carbide (SiC) industry supply chain have warned of net losses in 2022.
Wednesday 28 September 2022
China firm develops 8-inch SiC substrate
China-based companies are playing catch-up in the development of larger size SiC substrates, with SICC reaching a milestone in developing 8-inch conductive SiC substrates.