Tuesday 4 July 2023
China to impose export restrictions on compound semi materials
China will begin enforcing export restrictions on gallium and germanium-related materials used to manufacture compound semiconductors next month.
Friday 30 June 2023
SEMI University platform offers free learning resources for introduction to semiconductor industry
With both summer and the job-seeking season approaching, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) has launched SEMI University, an online semiconductor learning...
Tuesday 27 June 2023
In conversation with SEMI CEO: charting India's course to semiconductor independence
India's foray into the semiconductor sector continues to command attention, although several ambiguities remain for observers that need to be addressed. Following a series of predictions...
Wednesday 14 June 2023
Global 300mm fab equipment spending to resume growth track in 2024
Global 300mm fab equipment spending for front-end facilities next year is expected to begin a growth streak to a US$119 billion record high in 2026, following a decline in 2023, according...
Wednesday 7 June 2023
SEMI: 1Q23 North America chip equipment billings up 50% year-on-year
Global semiconductor equipment billings increased 9% year-over-year to US$26.8 billion in the first quarter of 2023, SEMI announced today in its Worldwide...
Thursday 1 June 2023
UMC sees no signs of substantial demand recovery in 2H23
United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) continues to observe customers adjusting inventory levels, albeit at a slower rate than expected, while cyclical shifts in the business climate...
Wednesday 24 May 2023
SEMI: global semiconductor packaging materials market to reach US$29.8b by 2027
SEMI, TECHCET, and TechSearch International jointly published "Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook" report on May 24, predicting that the size of global semiconductor...
Wednesday 24 May 2023
Despite market share loss, Japan IC substrate supplier influence on semi industry still strong, says DIGITIMES Research
As IC packaging trends toward high density and multiple layers, IC substrates that use Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) as an insulation material (also called ABF substrates) are gaining...
Monday 22 May 2023
Semiconductor equipment makers face revenue downturn in Q2 2023; market expects to recover in Q3
According to a report by SEMI Japan and TechInsights, seven out of nine major global semiconductor equipment manufacturers experienced falling revenue in the second quarter...
Thursday 18 May 2023
SEMI report points to moderating industry contraction in 2Q23
SEMI, in collaboration with TechInsights, stated in a recent report that the present global semiconductor manufacturing industry contraction is expected to moderate in the second...
Monday 8 May 2023
Silicon Island Chronicles series interview: Win Semi chairman says the era of AIoT has arrived
Apart from its TSMC-led silicon-based semiconductor ecosystem, Taiwan also plays a crucial role in the development of compound semiconductors, including the second-generation semiconductors...
Friday 28 April 2023
Win Semi sees low utilization rates in 1Q23, but expects sales growth in 2Q23
Win Semiconductors has reported that its utilization rates dropped to about 20% in the first quarter of 2023 as a result of inventory correction in the handset supply chain and seasonal...
Monday 17 April 2023
ASML reportedly sees first big EUV equipment order cut from TSMC
ASML reportedly has seen the first cutback in orders for EUV equipment from TSMC, its largest customer, which market insiders speculate is on track to slash such orders by over 40%...
Friday 14 April 2023
Prosperity and crisis for Taiwan's IC design industry
During the Asia Economic Dialogue held in India, Ajit Manocha, the President of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), expressed his belief that the semiconductor...
Thursday 13 April 2023
Global semiconductor equipment billings reach industry record US$107.6 billion in 2022, according to SEMI
Worldwide sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment increased 5% from US$102.6 billion in 2021 to an all-time record of US$107.6 billion last year, SEMI, the industry association...