Monday 17 June 2024
From chips to orbits: Taiwan's new frontier in satellite tech
Taiwan's space industry is gearing up for a significant leap forward, industry leaders revealed at a recent forum following the Satellite 2024.
Thursday 6 June 2024
EVs drive demand for advanced satellite antennas
SpaceX and T-Mobile are gearing up to launch their sat-to-cell service in the US by fall 2024. While this ambitious venture promises to revolutionize connectivity, questions linger...
Wednesday 17 April 2024
How did Ubiqconn shift from IPC to skyward innovations?
Ubiqconn Technology, a subsidiary of First International Computer (FIC),...
Monday 19 February 2024
Anticipating AI PC surge, Auden forecasts revenue growth in 2024 despite Q1 decline
Auden Techno, the RF solution provider of wireless technology, has announced the...
Thursday 15 February 2024
RapidTek, Taiwan's LEO satellite antenna startup, steps up expansion into the European market
With satellite communication becoming inalienable to the formation of 6G and growing in strategic importance, Taiwan's satellite industry development is gaining traction as well....
Monday 11 December 2023
Global maritime satellite market makes waves: US$4.5bn forecast by 2030 as Taiwan aims to boost competitiveness
Maritime satellite antennas are gaining considerable traction, surpassing the still-evolving land-based satcom sector, due to the substantial and rigid communication needs at sea...
Tuesday 13 June 2023
Auden eyeing LEO business opportunities
Wireless antenna maker Auden Techno has secured new orders for low-earth orbit satellites (LEO) from Europe, looking to seize LEO business opportunities, according to the Taiwan-based...
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