Thursday 1 October 2015
Features not frequency key to greater profitability in HEDT CPU market, says HWinsights
Within the desktop CPU market, the HEDT segment (which targets enthusiasts, overclockers, high-end gamers, and professional workstations) offers the ability for chipmakers and their...
Wednesday 28 November 2012
Intel updates CPU roadmap for 1Q13
Intel is set to upgrade its entry-level desktop Pentium and Celeron product lines in the first quarter of 2013 with the launch of Ivy Bridge-based 22nm Pentium G2130, G2020 and G2020T...
Monday 1 October 2012
APLEX Announces Mini-ITX Motherboard with Mobile Intel Sandy Bridge QM67 PCH (Platform Controller Hub)
APLEX Technology Inc., a global industrial computer products solution providers, today announces its latest Mini-ITX motherboard - ASB-M8671. This newest APLEX PC-based industrial...
Tuesday 12 June 2012
Sandy Bridge processors to be gradually phased out of market starting in September, sources say
With Intel releasing its new dual-core Ivy Bridge processors, the company's Sandy Bridge processors are expected to gradually be phased out of the market starting in September, according...
Tuesday 5 June 2012
Expanding the motherboard market: Q&A with Gigabyte sales and marketing
Following the recent launch of Intel's new Ivy Bridge platform, new announcements from AMD, and the growing anticipation for Windows 8, Computex 2012 will provide PC players from...
Friday 25 May 2012
Lowering Sandy Bridge prices expected to boost PC demand in emerging markets
Intel has begun to launch Ivy Bridge processors but has not yet lowered prices of Sandy Bridge models as it did before when replacing platforms; therefore, sources from motherboard...
Thursday 19 April 2012
Intel to launch next-generation Xeon processor by the end of 2Q12
Intel is set to release its next-generation Xeon processor at the end of the second quarter. Since Nvidia and AMD will also release graphics cards that feature PCI Express Gen.3 in...
Thursday 23 February 2012
Taiwan market: Sandy Bridge notebooks expected to see 20% price drops at the end of March
As Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processor is set to launch in the near future, retail channels in Taiwan reportedly expect to see a wave of price drops by the end of March or early April...
Thursday 16 February 2012
Intel to postpone mass shipments of Ivy Bridge processors
Intel recently notified its partners about plans to postpone mass shipments of its upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. Despite that the company will still announce the new products and...
Tuesday 3 January 2012
Asustek to reduce motherboard production volume for 1Q12
Asustek Computer has recently reduced its motherboard production volume from 5-6 million units each quarter previously to only 3-3.5 million units in the first quarter of 2012 to...
Thursday 22 December 2011
Intel drops Sandy Bridge CPU prices
Intel has recently notified its partners of plans to reduce prices of the existing Sandy Bridge-based processors with some Core i3 and i5 series processors to see a drop of 10-15%,...
Thursday 27 October 2011
Asustek, Gigabyte to miss motherboard shipment targets for 2011
Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology, facing weak market demand in Europe, the US and China, are expected to fail to achieve their motherboard shipment goals for 2011 and only...
Thursday 29 September 2011
Intel gains microprocessor share on strength of PC sales and Sandy Bridge success, says IHS iSuppli
Aided by a recovery in the PC market and by strong shipments of its new Sandy Bridge chips, Intel, in the second quarter, expanded its lead in the global microprocessor market compared...
Thursday 1 September 2011
Intel investment reduction plans may affect PC and semiconductor players
Intel, facing weak PC performance, reportedly is considering to temporarily halt its plans to upgrade to a 22nm process at Fab 24, and has decided to delay the launch of its next-generation...
Thursday 30 June 2011
Intel expands MPU share in 1Q11, says IHS iSuppli
Despite a design problem that forced a large-scale chipset recall, Intel in the first quarter managed to pad its dominant position in the global microprocessor business, according...
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