Thursday 31 August 2023
Nvidia filing shows US extends AI chip ban beyond China and Russia
Reuters quoted Nvidia's latest regulatory filing reporting that the US is extending AI chip curbs beyond China to other regions, including some Middle Eastern countries.
Friday 16 June 2023
Wistron steps up global manufacturing deployments
Wistron will be aggressively advancing its worldwide manufacturing deployments in response to geopolitical shifts, according to Simon Lin, chairman for the Taiwan-based ODM company...
Thursday 4 May 2023
There are answers to every question and the only difference is whether they are good ones or poor ones
There are answers to every question and the only difference is whether they are good ones or poor ones
Thursday 20 October 2022
AIC puts more focus on niche-market servers
Taiwan-based server maker AIC is putting more focus on niche-market servers and is cautiously optimistic about overall shipments in 2023, mainly driven by the easing of server chip...
Thursday 13 October 2022
Nissan to fully exit Russia market, expects JPY100 billion loss
Nissan Motor joined Toyota Motor in deciding to completely pull out of Russia, an exit that will cost Japan's second-largest automaker roughly JPY100 billion (US$687 million).
Monday 26 September 2022
Mazda sees no return path to production in Russia, Yomiuri says
Mazda Motor is considering a permanent exit from Russia after its invasion of Ukraine put a halt on the Japanese carmaker's production in the country.
Tuesday 20 September 2022
Samsung denies returning to Russian smartphone market as Chinese competitors snap up market share
Shortly after a report claiming that Samsung was expecting to return to the Russian market, the South Korean electronics giant responded by saying "no decision" had been made on the...
Wednesday 1 June 2022
Taiwan restricts exports of strategic high-tech commodities to Russia and Belarus
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has announced a list of strategic high-tech commodities that are banned from exportation to Russia and Belarus.
Wednesday 27 April 2022
Taiwan bans strategic high-tech exports to Russia
Taiwan's government earlier this month imposed a ban on local vendors from exporting strategic high-tech commodities to Russia, the third embargoed country after North Korea and Ir...
Tuesday 29 March 2022
Concerns raised about COVID impact on IC, IT sectors
Concerns have been raised about the impact of COVID lockdowns in China on the IC and IT industry supply chains this year.
Tuesday 15 March 2022
Asustek shipments to Russia come to standstill
Asustek Computer has disclosed that its product shipments to the Russia market have come to a standstill because of the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.
Monday 14 March 2022
Gigabyte to spin off server business
Gigabyte Technology has announced it will spin off its network communication business group and transfer it to its wholly-owned subsidiary Giga Computing Technology. The transfer...
Monday 14 March 2022
Tesla orders surge 100% in some areas of US
Orders for Tesla models increased by 100% in some areas of the US last week after oil prices skyrocketed in the country due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to media repor...
Friday 11 March 2022
Russia-Ukraine conflict causing raw material prices to skyrocket
The prices of raw materials such as nickel have skyrocketed after the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, resulting in higher costs for Taiwan-based PCB equipment makers, according to industry...
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