Friday 2 February 2024
Rohm scales back earnings forecasts as SiC business remains the only driver
The decline of demand for PCs and industrial machines is impacting Rohm Semiconductor. The Japan-based company has also seen its automotive business slow while SiC power semiconductor...
Friday 26 January 2024
Several new wafer fabs in Japan to come online in 2024
In 2024, numerous Japanese and foreign semiconductor manufacturers will commence mass production at newly constructed wafer fabrication facilities in Japan. Industry sources claim...
Tuesday 26 December 2023
Rebuilding and expanding: Toshiba revs up MOSFET production after delisting
Toshiba is ramping up its capabilities in the power semiconductor industry. Apart from merging with Rohm Semiconductor and securing subsidies from Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade,...
Monday 18 December 2023
Rohm uses quantum technology to optimize manufacturing process
Rohm Semiconductor and Quanmatic have been collaborating since January 2023 to introduce quantum technology into the EDS (electrical die sorting) process, conducting demonstrations...
Friday 8 December 2023
Japan sets aside $902 million for chipmakers Toshiba and Rohm
Japan is earmarking ¥129.4 billion ($902 million) to Rohm Co. and Toshiba Corp.'s joint push to boost production of power semiconductors, seen as key to lifting energy efficiency...
Friday 8 December 2023
Japanese semiconductor players keen to enhance production processes with quantum annealing technology
Quantum technology, initially used in semiconductor R&D, is now making significant strides in optimizing combinatorial processes. Japan's semiconductor player Rohm is beginning...
Wednesday 8 November 2023
Rohm acquires factory site for SiC power device production
Rohm Semiconductor has announced the acquisition of the assets of Solar Frontier's former Kunitomi plant in Japan. The plant will be operated by Lapis Semiconductor, a Rohm group...
Monday 6 November 2023
Rohm to manufacture SiC wafers in Japan for the first time
Rohm Semiconductor is planning to produce silicon carbide (SiC) wafers for the first time within Japan in 2024 to expand its production capacity and increase supply stability.
Tuesday 24 October 2023
Chinese SiC players rising rapidly, likely to change global market landscape
In the near future, Chinese players in the silicon carbide (SiC) sector will have the opportunity to break the current shortage of mainstream 6-inch wafers and usher in a new landscape...
Wednesday 20 September 2023
Global 200mm fabs to reach record high capacity by 2026, says SEMI
Semiconductor manufacturers worldwide are projected to increase 200mm fab capacity by 14% from 2023 through 2026, adding 12 new 200mm fabs as the industry reaches a record high of...
Friday 15 September 2023
What has global supply chain restructuring meant for Taiwan?
After the reconfiguration of global supply chains, it will mark the beginning of Taiwan's great navigation era, and the trend of large-scale supply chain relocation has made supply...
Thursday 3 August 2023
Automotive semiconductor becomes the only driving force for Rohm
Japan-based Rohm Semiconductor saw its operating profits decline by 21.5% in April–June 2023. Its automotive sales increased by 14.9% year-over-year, the only segment that enjoyed...
Thursday 13 July 2023
Rohm to expand production capacity for SiC power devices
Rohm recently announced plans to acquire a plant owned by Solar Frontier in Japan for expanding production capacity for silicon carbide (SiC) power devices.
Monday 19 June 2023
Rohm, Vitesco form SiC supply partnership
Rohm Semiconductor and Vitesco Technologies have entered into a multi-billion dollar silicon carbide (SiC) supply partnership from 2024 through 2030, according to the companies.
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Rohm mass producing 650V GaN HEMTs
ROHM Semiconductor has announced mass production of 650V gallium nitride (GaN) high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMT) optimized for a wide range of power supply systems applications...
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