Wednesday 15 May 2024
Taiwan pioneers next-gen batteries, ProLogium to produce LCBs for 200 EVs in November 2024
Vincent Yang, CEO and founder of ProLogium, stated that the factory in Zhongli, Taoyuan has entered the customer verification stage, with plans to produce 200 Lithium-Ceramic Batteries...
Wednesday 31 January 2024
Gogoro's flagship scooter kicks off performance two-wheeler competition
Taiwan-based electric two-wheeler maker Gogoro launched the Gogoro Pulse on January 30. The flagship model can go from 0 to 50km in 3.05 seconds. It is also equipped with a 10.25-inch...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
ProLogium opens world's first solid-state lithium ceramic battery plant in Taiwan
ProLogium Technology has opened the world's first giga-level solid-state lithium ceramic battery factory in Taoyuan Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Taiwan. The factory will primarily make...
Friday 20 October 2023
ProLogium to supply batteries for commercially available EVs in 2024
Solid-state battery manufacturer ProLogium Technology will supply solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EV) that will go on sale in 2024, according to the Taiwan-based compa...
Friday 4 August 2023
ProLogium to receive EUR1.5 billion subsidy
The European Commission has approved a sizeable grant to support ProLogium's gigafactory project in France, according to the solid-state battery specialist.
Tuesday 16 May 2023
France plans EV subsidy reform to support Europe-made cars
French President Emmanuel Macron announced last week that the country will revise its EV subsidy program, aiming to facilitate battery and vehicle production in Europe. According...
Friday 12 May 2023
Taiwan's ProLogium eyes 2027 for EV battery output in France
Taiwanese battery maker ProLogium Technology Co. aims to start mass production of a new generation of cells for electric vehicles in France from 2027 as part of its project to invest...
Thursday 23 March 2023
ProLogium receives delegation from France Ministry of Economy and Finance
Taiwan's solid-state battery manufacturer ProLogium received a delegation from France's Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty earlier this year. The...
Wednesday 19 October 2022
ACC, ProLogium partner to develop solid-state EV battery
Automotive Cells Company (ACC) and ProLogium Technology have signed a MOU to cooperate in the development of electric vehicle (EV) solid-state battery.
Tuesday 6 September 2022
ProLogium shortlists five locations for potential first solid-state battery gigafactory
ProLogium, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of solid-state battery for electric vehicles (EV), is working with consulting firm Accuracy to evaluate the feasibility of setting up ProLogium's...
Tuesday 26 July 2022
ProLogium to spend US$8 billion on overseas gigafactory
Taiwan-based solid-state battery maker ProLogium Technology is evaluating the feasibility of setting up a new gigafactory overseas with an investment estimated at US$8 billion. Factory...
Thursday 7 July 2022
VinFast invests in next-generation battery maker ProLogium
Following its US$2 billion project to manufacture EV and EV batteries in the US state of North Carolina, Vietnam-based VinFast has committed an investment amounting to tens of millions...
Friday 13 May 2022
Posco to supply ProLogium with solid-state battery materials
South Korean steel manufacturer Posco has entered into an agreement with Taiwan-based solid-state battery developer ProLogium to supply cathode, anode, and solid electrolyte materials,...
Friday 6 May 2022
ProLogium to adopt predictive simulation to mass produce solid-state battery for EV
ProLogium is ready to produce the world's first batch of high-performance solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EV) soon. The Gigafactory in Taoyuan, Taiwan is planning to...
Thursday 4 March 2021
ProLogium to set up JV in Vietnam
Solid-state lithium ceramic battery (LCB) maker ProLogium Technology will set up a joint venture in Vietnam with local car vendor VinFast for making EV-use batteries, according to...